How exactly is Modern Warfare 2 better than Call of Duty Black Ops?


How exactly is Modern Warfare 2 better than Call of Duty Black Ops?

Fri, Dec 31, 2010

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I love Call of Duty Black Ops and I think it’s the best game in the franchise thus far. I keep reading and hearing otherwise on the Internet. Give me specifics, what exactly makes Modern Warfare 2 better. At the very least, Black Ops is no worst or no better than Modern Warfare 2 in my honest opinion. FYI – I own both games.


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  1. Frozen Says:

    Modern Warfare 2 is enjoyable for snipers because of the 1 shot kill and quickscoping. The weapons have low recoil so kills are easier for players. THe game modes are also enjoyable and a great step up from earlier games. Plus, when playing MW2 the maps are very dynamic.

  2. Macy Says:

    In Call of Duty Black Ops its almost as if they made the controls hardened. Literally. Its almost impossible to quick scope (which is very commonly used online), and theres no more 1 hit kill. The way I see it, people only enjoy Black Ops because its new. They’ve been waiting for a new game and thats what they got, so they’re literally blind. Modern Warfare 2 has better gameplay, bigger variation of maps, easier kills, and unbelievable online. They’re both wonderful games. But if you wait it out, people will realize which game is better

  3. Derek Jeter Jr.™ Says:

    my opinion on how Modern Warfare 2 is better:

    1. better maps and graphics…black ops looks more like cod 4 graphics and maps, so it’s basically a step down.
    2. killstreaks don’t stack – some people love this some hate it. the bad thing about this is that since people have to actually use their gun to get large killstreaks, they tend to camp more because there’s no more getting a harrier and ending up at a chopper gunner by hiding in a corner.
    3. if you were a sniper in MW2, you will most likely hate black ops.
    4. most of the maps in black ops are designed in a way that it’s very hard to protect yourself. modern warfare 2 has much more cover.

    my biggest thing is the maps. i love mw2′s much better. i mean really, look at Terminal, and see if you can find a map in black ops that compares.

  4. The Cool Guy Says:

    I think the online play is better on Modern warfare 2 rather than Blackops because the graphics and detail, also the development is much better. Although the COD Points and buying your own weapons and attachments before actually leveling up to unlock that gun.

    I found the campaign on Blackops alot better than Modern Warfare 2.

  5. O Says:

    Well i don’t know what people are talking about when they there are no one shot one kills. i get them all the time when i use the l96a1. As far as getting kills i have not really seen much of a difference. i don’t think getting kills is easier all you do is shoot enough bullets into one guy until they die. I personally like black ops better than mw2. mw2 does have little bit better graphics but it doesn’t effect my opinion on the game. Also i think mw2 is kinda unfair when a harrier can get you to a chopper gunner when you didn’t really work to get to it since you just had a jet do most of the work for you. In black ops you need to work for your killstreak since they do not add up.

  6. ? Says:

    ok i missed your question from awhile ago about if someone could get your ip address from the xbox. if you want me to i can check to see if yours is easy for hackers to attack. most they can do if they hack you is, get your external ip address that’s easy to do and most websites have it all ready. but they could DDOS attack you which will lag you off of the internet that is a felony and could teach you how to track them back and report if they do attack you like that one guy was saying he was going to hack you.

    oh and i like black ops, very well maintained game and cool new features for people wanting something new from Call Of Dutys while still having alot of what people liked in some of the past COD games. but i think that mw2 is fun for people that want a slower pace game (glitches, wall breach, and simple easy fun because the game has alot of bugs)

  7. Shizue Brown Says:

    Jesus! There are subliminal messages in Black Ops, this jerk murdered his best friend cos of it.

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