How is MW3 the most anticipated game in history?


How is MW3 the most anticipated game in history?

Sat, Nov 19, 2011

Modern Warfare 3

Question by BioPhreak: How is MW3 the most anticipated game in history?
The commercial claims that MW3 is “The most anticipated game in history”. What determines this? How is this true? It seems to me that maybe Halo or some other franchise game may be more anticipated.

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Answer by Cody
i was more hyped for MW2 than this one because of all the new features. i still prefer it over black ops so personally i think MW2 was more anticipated than any other

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  1. Shawn Says:

    It’s not. The game has only been out for a week or two. It hasn’t even won any awards yet if I recall. They are just advertising. A few….rather…”unsmart” Americans would fall for such a thing. I was disappointed with MW3 and BF3. Both were terrible, or it is just me. BF3 had numerous glitches, and MW3 was no different from Black Ops.

  2. Jesse Says:

    Just marketing.

  3. Ricardo Says:

    I say because its pretty over ratted it gets pretty boring after 20 min

  4. Raycxell Says:

    They should re-work it to “The most anticipated game by kids in history” XD

  5. Jacob Says:

    It’s not as already mentioned it’s for advertising and the story will go for 6 hours like the other COD’s and multiplayer will be no different to COD4 so how they can even say that is beyond me.

  6. Tim Says:

    Maybe because the Call Of Duty franchise is massive and it is the most popular First person shooter. The popularity of First person shooters is massive, people loved the last cod Modern warfare 2, from infinity ward and since they said all of these things to make it better, people may have over rated it. It is not the most anticipated game in history, but maybe this year it is. Im getting it and looking forward to it. However it seems that there is alot of games coming out at the same time, Like battlefield 3, Minecraft, Uncharted 3 and more. But mw3 trailers stood out, I also believe the call of duty “Fanboys” Will always buy a cod and they get more exited every time.

  7. Me Says:

    It’s not. Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is. At least it is in my history.

  8. Raiden Gekkou Says:

    Modern Warfare 3 is the most anticipated game in history because Modern Warfare 1 and 2 were so good and have built such a fan base that people are going nuts over it. While it’s the most anticipated, it doesn’t seem to be incredibly over-hyped. In my opinion, Halo 3 was the most over-hyped game in history because it sucked compared to what we thought it would be.

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