How long will MW3 hardened be available?


How long will MW3 hardened be available?

Wed, Oct 26, 2011

Modern Warfare 3


Question by Simran: How long will MW3 hardened be available?
My parents want to see if my grades are good before i can get it for christmas. i wanted to know when stors stop accepting pre orders for mw3.

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Answer by syco noodles
it depends how long the shops have them before they are sold out

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  1. Robert909 Says:

    You might want to preorder it before its not available anymore.

  2. Dylan Says:

    You can Pre-order it. But afterwards just buy off eBay even amazon will have for along time. And gamestop. But it will be out there long enough you can get it with outta sweat in 4 months after the game comes out.

  3. Le G Says:

    Don’t worry you can get it out after the game release, also you can pre-order it now then your parents give it to you when your grades are good.

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