How many people still play modern warfare 2?


How many people still play modern warfare 2?

Sun, Jun 19, 2011

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I am going to buy my modern warfare 2 back and I was wondering how many people still play it online on xbox 360? An answer in figures would be nice thank you :)

I will choose the best answer with good figures.

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  1. rmoura_22 Says:

    depending on the sort of game you play. Team deathmatch headquarters and search and destroy still have a lot me online gamers. You wont have trouble finding a good competitive game. I still play it regularly and it Just gets tougher every time. Actual figures is kinda hard to say but lots and lots me people still play it

  2. theman Says:

    i have it for the ps3 but i never play it

  3. caleb Says:

    A lot of people still play it for 360. Personally I like MW2 a lot better than Black Ops…so it seems many others do too. If you buy it you will not have trouble finding games at all!!!!! Believe me!

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