How much better will the graphics be on Black Ops compared to Modern Warfare 2?


How much better will the graphics be on Black Ops compared to Modern Warfare 2?

Wed, Jun 29, 2011

Call of Duty 4

Just wondering, it seems a little early to be releasing another CoD game.. is black ops set just after modern warfare 2? and will it be different characters?


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  1. Bong Hole Says:

    1st question: Probably, but we’re not sure, we haven’t played it yet.
    2nd question: It’s always been like this, one game is made once each year. One made by IW, then by treyarch, then by IW again, and so on.
    3rd question: Of course it will be a new character.

  2. She Ain't Got $h!t On Me Says:

    just bcuz it seems to soon for them to be releasing another cod, it’s not. it takes a long time to create a game.
    most 5 to 10 years even.
    so don’t be so skeptical
    i’ve seen the previews and free download play.
    it’s a different story line and different time line.
    this one is more of a group play will be better.

  3. ▐▀▀♦▀▀▌ ♦Jesse♦ ▐▄▄♦▄▄▌ Says:

    CoD Black Ops is being developed by Treyarch not Infinity Ward, Activision has its CoD developers on a game a year system

    Black Ops is also set in the Cold War, Not just after MW2, the Cold War lasted from 1947 to 1991, so it will most likey take place in The Korean War, The Vietnam War, Special Operation missions into the USSR and Cuba

    The graphics will depend on how Treyarch does it, it looks pretty good right now

  4. Dude99 Says:

    The graphics will be about the same. There will be a completely new main character, and maybe we will see Soap again.

  5. Terell Says:

    Treyarch (Makers of Black Ops) Tend to make the games more realistic than IW in my Opinion

  6. Gjoisgasd Says:

    nobody is really sure yet, they are looking pretty good. black ops story is not related to mw2 at all.

  7. Nathaniel M Says:

    Modern Warfare 3 will by the sequel to MW2, not Black Ops. Speculation is that Black Ops will be around Vietnam. So yeah, different characters & everything.

    The graphics will be only slightly better, if not at all, as it uses the same engine. Since CoD4:MW, they’ve been using the same engine and just tweaking it to increase graphics and efficiency slightly.

  8. KING Says:

    ok, Black ops is going to be terrible first of all it is made by astro ward not infinity ward two different companies. modern warfare 2 and Black ops are to different games. the graphics on Black ops are terrible. Black ops wont even compare to modern warfare. world at war and Black ops will be the same because there made by the same people. although modern warfare 1 and 2 are made by infinity ward which is the the best maker of war games. So if you are going to get Black ops get ready for a game compared to world at war Don’t compare it to Moder warfare 2. there all named call of duty but there all not made by the same company. HOPE I HELPED!!!!!

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