How much for Modern Warfare 3?


How much for Modern Warfare 3?

Thu, May 1, 2014

Modern Warfare 3

Modern Warfare 3

Question by : How much for Modern Warfare 3?
How much will Modern Warfare 3 cost in store not online with tax in US?????
And i forgot how much does an xbox live membership for 1 yeAr cost if your buying it in stores NOT online with tax?? Btw i dont care about online prices

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Answer by Richard Pena
In the us modern warfare 3 with tax will be 60-65 dollars in stores. Online I think is same price

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  1. Jason Says:

    the game is $ 59.99 before tax. So after tax it will be about $ 65
    the 1 year membership is a flat fee of $ 59.99 (no tax)

  2. Exclusive Says:

    Modern Warfare 3 sees the return of the much loved spec ops mode. These mini games and challenges are highly addictive and push the Call of Duty gaming style to its adrenalin filled limit. We were lucky to get a play through survival mode, which is not unlike Gears of War 3′s horde mode. Essentially you are tasked with defeating wave after wave of enemies, including juggernauts and yes…dogs. Not easy but incredibly rewarding.

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