How to be more consistent at multiplayer on mw3?


How to be more consistent at multiplayer on mw3?

Wed, Jun 27, 2012

Modern Warfare 3


Question by JDog: How to be more consistent at multiplayer on mw3?
Right now on mw3 im at level 22 and i use the m4a1. Sometimes i have good matches but at other times i have bad ones. How can i become more consistent at multiplayer on mw3?

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Answer by Tyler
who knows its all about the plaer and in my opinion the m4a1 sucks i use fad rpg striker and acr but only cause im level 79

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  1. mad hutty Says:

    I found exactly the same with me, and my ratio is really messed up. You have to find a gun that suits you and have different classes for different maps. For example, i use pp90m1 rapid fire suppressor for dome, mission, hardhat, and then ACR for other maps like village, bootleg, ya know.

  2. ღяεε§ε's cupsღ Says:

    Well for one would be to create a class that you a comfortable with and even finding the right control sensitivity. But one thing to look at is what type of mistakes are you making, or areas you are lacking in that cause you to be inconsistent? Is it gun skill, accuracy, map knowledge, etc.? MW3 has theater mode providing you have the recording mode on, that allows you to see your previous games, how you did, etc. Try watching one of your games you did poor on and watch what kinds of routes you ran and what you did. Also if another teammate did good, watch what he did, or even the enemy team’s players. You can learn from your mistakes, see how the other players did well, learn spawns etc.

    At the end of the day it takes time, and gradually you will get better, even so if you try to improve those areas where you arn’t good in. But generally, sometimes people do have those games where they have bad ones, it does happen. Also, you can look up videos on youtube about tips and things of that nature.

    When I was around your same level, I didn’t really like any of the guns available and just stuck with the grenadier class because I found I did pretty good with the G36c, which has became my favorite and go to weapon at times haha. Another thing I did for myself was turn off the vibration for the controller which made aiming much easier without the vibration of getting hit or shooting. Also if you can’t get high kill streaks, start with lower ones, and mess around with strike packages. I like support because I guess I’m a support player at heart, I also like to stay off of the radar and flank around a lot, but I adjust my play style depending on the situation, aggressive, defensive, etc. So another thing to consider is your play style.

  3. Andrew Manukov Says:

    Create a route for every map, for example i have a route in mission. first i go and try to pick off in the the sniper spot, right of the map. then i take out my MP9 Akimbo and rush. got a moab doing this.
    On other maps like seatown, i do the same. the M4A1 is a very good early gun. its a mix of sub and assult. sometimes go and watch some videos and see what you did wrong and right. hope I helped :)

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