How to convince my parents to let me have modern warfare 2?


How to convince my parents to let me have modern warfare 2?

Fri, Oct 22, 2010


My mom heard about the No Russian level of Modern Warfare 2 and now she keeps telling me that it is too violent, that it will make me agressive, and crap like that. Any advice on how I could convince her to let me get it?

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  1. PAtriotfan54 Says:

    Well tell her that their is an offensive level notification and if you click do not let me play this level it skips it for you. Also, If she talks about the blood and gore tell her about the parental settings. If you turn them on when you kill a person they just fall over.

  2. Andre S Says:

    Name a violent game you have and compare it to modern warfare 2 and say its less violent worked for me

  3. Jerred Says:

    when you start the game for the first time the game asks you if you are offended by violence and some other if you say yes it will skip the no russian mission and i doesn’t affect you trophies because there is no intel on that level and no trophy for completeing it.

  4. Megan Says:

    tell her that millions of people play it, and that you don’t even have to do the story mode, just play the online, and you can even let her set the parental settings over the game so the level will skip

  5. Ryan Says:

    Just tell her that you will skip it because there is the choice on the game before you do the actual mission.

  6. thatramseykid Says:

    Tell her that you can skip it

  7. Max Says:

    Be honest and up-front about it. I told my dad that there was a level with disturbing content, but I was mature enough to handle it. If that fails, tell your mom that the game warns the player and gives them the chance to skip it. Tell her that the level is more disturbing and teaches the player, instead of acting as an aggression release. Re-assure her that you will skip the level if she still does not approve and just play it on your own time when she’s not around if you want to that badly. Also check out this quote:
    Scroll down to the bottom two. Show them to your mom. Ultimately, just make her believe that this game will not make you more aggressive an it is only a video game. It worked for me! Good luck!

  8. fanofleft4dead Says:

    First, tell your mom that the No Russian Level is OPTIONAL! Secondly, tell her that modern warfare 2 is one of the least violent M-rated games. It’s nothing like left 4 dead or dead space.

  9. El Piggo Says:

    Simply tell her that the game lets you skip the level because of its controversial theme. I personally skipped that level because i hate terrorists so why would i want to play as one.

  10. Will Says:

    not gonna lie that level was pretty intense and if your under the age of 14 should prolly not play it because of how truly terrible it was but if you have to just skip it. Or if your mom is cool you could tell her to play it first ha

  11. linkinparkfan Says:

    start with the rated t call of duty games show her that you are mature enough to play those and then ask her again and tell her you can skip the violent level and you can adjust the violence content. thats what worked with me.

  12. acmilan Says:

    tell your mother that if games influenced behavior, the millions of people who play mature games would have started ww3

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