How to make 2 player Call of Duty 5 on WII?


How to make 2 player Call of Duty 5 on WII?

Fri, Oct 1, 2010


I got Call of Duty World at War for my WII, but can’t seem to make it go 2 player. Any tips? I thought you could play with a friend without having to go online.

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  1. JoeyD Says:

    You could, but first you have to configure a second Wii remote. I just had this problem and in the instruction booklet, it says to go to the Wii, and turn it on. Where the SD memory card slot is (under the white hood in the front of the Wii) you will see a red button. Take the second remote for the Wii and open up the back battery cover. Press the red button on the Wii and in the remote and hold them near each other. After a few seconds, the remote should have the box on the bottom of it in blue. You only have to do this to the second remote as the first one is done at the factory. 2 Player is not as much as you think though. When in the campaign mission, have the second player click the A button during the game and a second cross-hair will appear. Make sure that the Wii is plugged in, and that You do not hit off the power button, and make sure that the batteries are in the remote. Remeber, you must open up the white hatch on the front of the Wii to access the red button. Hope this helps.

  2. Pdetz Says:

    Right when you go to first player campeign it says that you can press A at any time to join and 1 at anytime to quit. Unfortunately it is not a split screen. You play from the point of view of the same man which i do not care for.

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