I Lost My Receipt To Purchase Modern Warfare 3. Can I Still Buy It?


I Lost My Receipt To Purchase Modern Warfare 3. Can I Still Buy It?

Wed, Jul 20, 2011

Modern Warfare 3

So, the other day I went into GameStop to purchase a new game and pre-order Modern Warfare 3. It had a receipt, and I lost it. Do you think if I call up they will still let me purchase the game when it is released? Please help. Thanks.
Yeah and I also have a PowerUp Rewards Card, so I think that increases my chances. Thanks guys.


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  1. Saul Pompa Says:

    sorry buddy, but you lost the reciept :/ you need the reciept

  2. Raven2099 Says:

    gamestop usually keeps your name on file for pre-purchases and all they really require is an id
    so yes

  3. Donnie Porko Says:

    you’ll be fine. you don’t need a receipt. i lose the receipt or i don’t bring it to pick up my game. anyway, when mw3 comes out, all you need to do is give the cashier your phone number and name, and he can look it up in the system.

  4. Mike Says:

    If you pre-ordered with a credit or debit card, they should have the order stored in their records and give you another receipt. However, if you paid with cash, they won’t know whether or not you actually pre-ordered and they probably won’t give you a replacement receipt. My personal suggestion is to go to GameStop and pre-order the game again as soon as possible, if you want.

  5. stiltzkin.the.great Says:

    All you need is your name. They should have you in their database. Even when i do have the receipt, i dont bring it.

  6. Prince Vegeta Says:

    No you don’t but it would be a lot quicker but they can just see your name on their pre order file and it won’t be a problem

  7. Joshua Says:

    Oh god, your in a tough situation. I know when i pre-ordered MW2 and Black OPS I had to have my receipt…

    What you can do is go over to Gamestop and ask to speak to someone. Once you get someone, ask tell them that you lost your receipt. Also, if you know the date that you pre-ordered the game, you should probably tell them so they can look it up in their database and see if they can get you another receipt.

    Also make sure that you are over 18 or have a parent with you.

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