IGN Reviews – Modern Warfare 3 Game Review


IGN Reviews – Modern Warfare 3 Game Review

Sat, Nov 26, 2011

Modern Warfare 3

IGN gives its review of Modern Warfare 3. Can the latest Call of Duty live up to the history of epic shooter games in this series? For more Modern Warfare news, info and videos, visit the following: Modern Warfare 3 on IGN.com: xbox360.ign.com CallofDutyIGN’s Youtube channel: www.youtube.com IGN’s Call of Duty Wiki: www.ign.com


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  1. xxxCODExxx1 Says:

    @Moman893 sure it may not be the best but i say it’s still pretty good for what it is, that my opinion on it, if you don’t like the game then that’s you, just face it that reviewers just like the game, it’s their opinion on it, if you don’t like their opinion well that’s to bad.

  2. xxxCODExxx1 Says:

    @Moman893 why would activision have to pay ? they get millions of dollars off each game despite the reviews people still buy them, until i see proof of them bribing every single game company then i still call bullshit simple as that, and the player reviews ? ha, most people are just rating it down because people just love to hate it,you’ve likely noticed how large advertisements tend to pop up across the site around.editorial has no involvement with that, i like the game.

  3. Mickeyshyloh Says:

    COD 60 dollars / 4 hours of gamplay
    15 dollars an hour
    — \
    Skyrim60 dollars / 60 – 400 hours of gamplay
    0.15 – 1 dollar(s) an hour

    See the difference yet, IGNorant?

  4. efgragin Says:

    Guys, chill. I personally played 3 hours straight of the multiplayer last night, made friends with a team of good players, and used teamwork to win epic game after game.

    Woops, had BF3 in the tray…

  5. Moman893 Says:

    @xxxCODExxx1 are you stupid? you don’t think that major names like activision wouldn’t pay for good reviews? especially with the fact that those websites and magazines make a ton of money for advertising these major name companies? plese go look at player reviews and you’ll find average ratings for this game around 5-6. MW3 is terrible in every way, i beat the campaign in 4 hours and the multiplayer is just terrible and a mess. all you do is spray and pray. 0 tactics involved

  6. ANGRYROLL09 Says:

    “the multiplayer is hands down the best it has ever been” that is the single most outrageous comment i have ever heard.

  7. drawbobby Says:

    @thehalofan002 dom with 2 freinds it ridiculous fun

  8. LoGdOg9191 Says:

    Haha, a BF3 trailer right before a MW3 review.

  9. EricKishful Says:

    Lol battlefield 3 propaganda at a mw2 video review, o youtube i see what you are doing…

  10. devourstb Says:

    This game was really bad, decent campaign(got a little boring, and unrealistic) survival mode that almost immediatley got boring, and the whole 2 shot kill multiplayer gets old. Too many of the same stuff, random grenades, campers(kinda improved), players spawning behind you, and noobtubers. Camping went down because Mw3 made sure to reduce it with the maps, but now its wayyy to much, no matter where i got in what game mode, someone come from benind and kills me. Qukscopng is now way overpwrdOMG

  11. 2BCBattlefield Says:

    Im going to hop out of the bandwagon and say that I actually liked MW3.

  12. GTA4fanatic118 Says:

    @TheMrKovash i kick ass at multiplayer it just sucks….its boring and has no addicting qualitys

  13. Lukfoolery Says:

    BF3 ad gave a massive boner, after i saw mw3 it was lost

  14. zgenstru Says:

    man why so many dislikes..oh wait

  15. 100percentgamer Says:

    @vinster105 Revolutionary and inspirational are two different things. I can understand not fixing something that isn’t broken, but when you just put out the same thing over and over again it just gets old. And there are games like Sonic where once they tried to change things up it didn’t turn out good. But then there are games like Zelda, where they’re all critically acclaimed. From the top down perspective of the originals, to the side scrolling Zelda II, to the 3D games like Ocarina of Time.

  16. baldswagg79 Says:

    i have both mw3 and bf3 they both are fun games but bf3 has more stuff to do in multi- player.at the end of the day they are both just fps games.

  17. dsp7755 Says:

    @DJDownes100 You want me to die because of a video game? I don’t think you know what fresh air is.

  18. dsp7755 Says:

    @Phatperson123 I say my opinion and you people start crying. Get some sun.

  19. vinster105 Says:

    @100percentgamer Well considering that every game nowadays uses the loadout concept, I’d say that it’s pretty revolutionary. You could argue that you don’t fix what isn’t broken. In fact, whenever they do put in a drastic change, people complain about it. Look at CoD Black Ops. Everybody hates it. If you want to compare this to other FPS Shooters, none of them really change much at all. Instead they only release games at a slower rate so it isn’t noticeable. Look at Skyrim compared to Oblivion.

  20. thegamingbar1 Says:

    @dsp7755 no mw3 is gay

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