Infinity Ward Recycles Buildings on MW3 Straight From Cod4


Infinity Ward Recycles Buildings on MW3 Straight From Cod4

Tue, Jan 3, 2012

Modern Warfare 3

After a little gameplay on the new call of duty modern warfare 3 josh discovers that not everything in this game has been made from scratch, is this how Activision make it so easy to pump out a new game every single year? Whilst I don’t think it’s a bad thing to do this in a game I found it quite humorous that they would make it just so obvious.
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  1. Sn1p3R4p3 Says:

    … yeah i saw the same thing… i also noticed in mw2 on a multiplayer map the “recycled” a building from overgrown…

  2. mediumpimpn Says:

    It shows how cheap they are. Try the online side, you’ll quit playing the game.

  3. SiickGamerzHD Says:

    come and have a look at our channel we have just started we have got a video of one of my friends doing an awesome quickscope on mw3 so come check it out

  4. craig6944 Says:

    Wow, I always considered the new Call of Duty games released every year to pretty much just a copy and paste of the last one(s), but I didn’t think they would literally do it! :P

  5. TroopCollector Says:

    Ha! That’s exactly what I was thinking it was as I played this mission…

  6. MegadrixfireZ Says:

    @GrossoSalomon saying that is retarded, if people enjoy the game they arent stealing money from them, i can say EA stole my money because in an ad they sayd bf3 had the best campaign, and after playing through it, it had the worst story, boring misions, very short, etc and while bf3 online and graphics are good, mw3 has good story, special ops, survival, both can be done in coop online or split screen, while in bf3 you need to buy 2 copies of the game to play coop, and also ok onl

  7. GrossoSalomon Says:

    i love bf3, im not fanboy, but guys infinity wards and activision steals your money with mw3, its shit

  8. DoughnutMan01 Says:

    @delaney12 tecnically if you cannot tell what accent that is, kinda shows how much you fail in life… which really does make you the looser. stupid fag.

  9. KalizVids Says:

    @Billywookie No.

  10. Magge67 Says:

    @Billywookie lol ur fucking retarded

  11. drayman98 Says:


  12. blazelmtdedtn Says:

    @Billywookie cod4 was amazing. everything after that is garbo.

  13. blazelmtdedtn Says:

    its because they knew cod 4 was amazing and needed to have something good in the game.

  14. doomham100 Says:

    its because they didnt have enough time to mak a whole new game (after infinity ward went defunct)

  15. MrNeverPay Says:

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  16. ColourlessContrast Says:

    @Billywookie lol you fucking retarded? That was the best game in the whole series.

  17. Billywookie Says:

    call of duty 4:MW =Money Wasted

  18. Billywookie Says:

    @headshotforyou more like infinity ward is goin green

  19. poyanator Says:

    @rasne100 only twice the first one was great

  20. monpekokero Says:


  21. xPhillipBHarrisonx Says:

    Good job :D

  22. kevinh2206 Says:

    @JayDS1990 cod 4 had the best engine

  23. TheFlyingBeav3r Says:

    Dropped on your head as a baby? It’s OK we understand.

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