Inside Xbox – Treyarch Josh Olin – Call Of Duty 7 Black Ops – Twitter Confirmation – PAX East


Inside Xbox – Treyarch Josh Olin – Call Of Duty 7 Black Ops – Twitter Confirmation – PAX East

Wed, May 19, 2010

Uncategorized Looks like all the COD7 rumors spreading around the net are for the most part true. part of the dev team at Treyarch has tweeted the following information: #COD7 #CallofDuty Infos…#WAW (Many of these articles on the net including on WTG) Talking about the now seemingly confirmed name and era that the next call of duty title will take place in. Expect more intel to be coming soon!

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  1. jazzlynntrader556 Says:

    I just reached my second prestige! I really like this game, it’s unbelievable. Thank our god that we didnt have to fork out for it. Me and my buddy just dled it from codmw2freedlYcom (replace Y with . ), and installed it on our highschool’s pcs. I’m downloading the new map pack now from that webpage, i’ll let you know if the new maps are worthwhile.

  2. SiCkSkiLzz Says:

    @R3P1xX146 apparently treyarch are sorta downgrading black ops so its more like cod4/5 (better grafics) just scraping nukes, and all the stupid things that are completely over powered so i like the sound of that XD

  3. crikeniswin Says:

    @MrSeanShorty robably but why??? its just so bad on it and it probably wont have the survival mode like cod 5 on the wii

  4. WR1ck1e Says:

    @MrSeanShorty Yes.

  5. OmfgItsNannerpants Says:

    @813SHade when people call it cod 5 or 6, they refer to it as the fifth or sixth title in the series.


    All this is true belive it there is a cod black ops coming fall 2010 it Finna be dope

  7. huffy1233 Says:

    not the 7th its by treyarch

  8. Matt2737 Says:

    @R3P1xX146 i definately agree with you with cod 1 and 2. my point is that infinity ward failed at mw2, and only mw2. we can just only hope black ops fixes everything that was crap in mw2. for the most part i agree with you though :)

  9. NineZeroSix906 Says:

    @813SHade nor is black ops 7, its just the 7th game in the CoD series.

  10. godzilla2878 Says:

    @NineZeroSix906 its not mw3 it s call of duty 7 black ops

  11. R3P1xX146 Says:

    @Matt2737 mostly you are right . but have you every played CoD 1 or 2 ? they both came from Infinity ward and they were the best parts i know. but with the Modernwarfare crap they ruin themselfes.Treyarch made 3 rd and 5th and 3 was crap and 5 was full of bugs,the storyline was boring and the grafik was shit(if you compare it with Mw 2 or Mw 1).i hope Treyarch make it better then every game before or i start playing CoD 1 again.=/

  12. john8man88 Says:

    Go to my channel if you want free Microsoft points/live cards! The codes will be e-mailed to you free!

  13. michealang1 Says:

    @TheGOONSQUAD303 THERE AINT GUNA BE A MW3 FFS activision sacked infinity wards for failing to meet standards research on it.

  14. NineZeroSix906 Says:

    @TheGOONSQUAD303 yeah mw3 is out 2011.

  15. NorthHuffman Says:

    when the hell will they make a future game.

  16. SchutMeNow Says:


  17. eiddie98 Says:

    Wow, I Live Next To Boston And I Didnt Even Go -.-

  18. FreeblurStudios Says:

    @TheGOONSQUAD303 It’s Makarov

  19. Matt2737 Says:

    @rsofawsome infinity ward sucks my balls for making such a shitty ass fail of a game we all call mw2

  20. TheGOONSQUAD303 Says:

    There is going to be a mw3 because at end of mw2 you dont get (dont know how to spell his name)makore

  21. Winky597 Says:

    fuck infinity ward.

  22. 813SHade Says:

    No more MW!!! Move on to the next numbered game, yes Call of Duty 5.

    No WaW isnt officially CoD5 nor is MW2 (officially) CoD6

  23. rsofawsome Says:

    @lionhart83 dude i have waw its boring after 2 prestege thats far as i got and it was easy killing people buts its my opinion

  24. lionhart83 Says:

    @rsofawsome waw was one of the best games in my opinion, i have cod 6 and 4 and the only one i ever play is waw, you need more skill to play it if you dont use mp40, all modern warfare is about is lmg and smg.

  25. isaiahmk989 Says:

    its not cod7!

  26. peter Says:

    This is probably the worst call of duty ever it takes forever to load there are horrible graphics and the gameplay can be very unfair like when u go 2 kill somone 5 times but they seam 2 have infinite health they obviously haven’t banned all the boosters and people with ofensive emblems they need 2 realize there game is pissing people off and come out with an update

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