Is battlefield 3 going to be better than MW3 on ps3?


Is battlefield 3 going to be better than MW3 on ps3?

Wed, Oct 26, 2011

Modern Warfare 3


Question by Josh: Is battlefield 3 going to be better than MW3 on ps3?
I never played any battlefield games before but it looks really good compared to the MW3 gameplay and graphics. I’m kinda short on money so I don’t know if I can get both. All my friends are getting MW3 but maybe I might convince them to also get BF3 if it’s really good. Anyone who has played both series have advice?

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Answer by Outsider
Never played it either but still gonna get it, I sure hope it’s gonna be better that MW3.

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  1. HELP ME Says:

    i played both and i gave up mw1 mw2 and black ops but i still play battlefield bad company 2 i can’t wait for bf3 you’re probably not gonna convince your friends COD is ADDICTIVE and it’s a fun game to chill w/ your friends bf3 is more ” damn this is real” while cod is ” damn this is fun” i think bf3 will be better but there’s gonna be way more COD palyers. In the end it’s up to how you wanna play most of my firiends are getting bf3. if you want ” DAMN NOOB” “YOU STOLE MY KILL” and/or people only using one gun Ex. ( AK74/47 and LS96 ) go for COD for intense vehicle fights a huge customizable set for all guns go for bf3 (:and to answer your question bf3 is going to be better than mw3 on ps3,xbox and pc

  2. Mitchell Says:

    Nope .. just no im sorry bf3 is not going to be nearly as good as MW3 i played the beta which you can download for xbox idk about ps3 but im sure you probably can and it isnt nearly as good the graphics may look better and the destructable environment is cool but mw3 has better maps and gameplay also on bf3 if you do get it heads up everyone just camps its reallly annoying !!

  3. steve lopez Says:

    BF3 will suck for ps3 just like bad company 2 did on ps3. if anything buy it on xbox 360 its different.
    I really dont think you will like BF3. Its nothing like COD which you are probably used to playing.

  4. Lee_up Says:

    just to give you a short, and simple answer .Yes Graphics wise, BF3 you will be pleased, but if want a game were you can have and play with everyone of your friends then by all means get MW3…

  5. Deep Says:

    bro mw3 is gonna be better reasons 1) 2.5 million people already pre order mw3. 2) if battle field 3 is better then why did people cancel pre order because they seen the beta. 3) if battle field 3 is good why they already started giving bonus stuff. mw3 is better if u don’t believe please look at this trailer

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