Is Call Of Duty Black Ops good for the Wii?


Is Call Of Duty Black Ops good for the Wii?

Fri, May 6, 2011


ok so i want call of duty black ops but on the last wii cods they were worse than the xbox and ps3 versions, is it still good on the Wii?


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  1. Jun Says:

    it is really good on xbox. thats my suggestion. i don’t like the wii controls.

  2. Daniel Says:

    Its still good, but not as good as 360/ps3. U dont get the president map in zombie mode, but u still get the regular mansion one. There is a VERY small community playing it online so good luck getting into some of the less popular game types.

  3. Spencer Says:

    Is ANY first person shooter good on the Wii?

  4. M4R10 94 Says:

    me, 4 brothers and parents own all 3 ps3, xbox360 and wii and the wii sucks.
    call of duty sucks on the wii just like most games.
    the only good games for wii are original Nintendo games such as super Mario, sonic and that’s it.
    do yourself a favor and if you want call of duty or any other online game invest in a ps3, xbox360 or a good PC.
    wii online will not be busy but the others will be very busy so you can play instantly.
    i know A LOT of gamers but dont know any1 that owns COD on the wii, no1.
    also the graphics would be really bad on the wii.

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