Is call of duty modern warfare 2 alot better than the first one?


Is call of duty modern warfare 2 alot better than the first one?

Thu, May 5, 2011


I’ve got call of duty: modern warfare, is call of duty: modern warfare 2 alot better then number one. If so how much more does it cost to get number two? Is it worth it


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  1. Josh Says:

    oh, its worth it alright

  2. Hunter Says:

    Hell yea! Oh my god dude everything is so much better the levels the characters the story. Everything is perfect

  3. Dr. Acula Says:

    MW2 is so much better, than the first with a variety of weapons from pistols, to machine guns, to thermal scopes and missiles that you can control remotely. And the action is top notch!

    It will run you $59.99 but it is worth every penny, online play is way better too.

  4. JIMMAY_BOI Says:

    It’s way better! Better graphics, plot, and just pretty much everything is great!

    Good things-
    No more “invisible line” for the enemies
    More realistic
    More variety
    New “Special Ops” mode

    Bad things-
    No co-op campaign
    Multiplayer isn’t as good

    So yeah, its great, and worth getting, just really annoyed me when i found out they took off co-op campaign

    By the way with price, it depends what console you’re using. I payed like $80-$90 AUD (with christmas sales in mind) for PS3

  5. Willie Says:

    yea its definitly better dude…definitly

  6. Bionical09 Says:


  7. A92; is bridging the gap. Says:

    i’ve been hooked so much, i completed it yesterday, just a day after having it. it’s a little harder than the first though, but it’s equally as awesome if not better.

  8. attorneybenny Says:

    For sure.
    1) There are much more guns, perks, and challenges.
    2) The graphics are amazingly realistic, and the Story mode is awesome!
    3) There are hundreds of attachments to guns

  9. jcurrieii Says:


    The Campaign seems to almost be an afterthought. (It lasts less than half as long as CoD:MW’s campaign.)

    The game is set-up to force PC users to pay for patches / map packs.
    They are not allowing User generated content.
    Playing P2P instead of on a server (means fewer people to play against, and greater lag issues).
    Oh…the STEAM equivalent of Punkbuster sucks, and the FIRST round of bannings went through 6 weeks after the game was released(!), with people glitching and hacking almost since day 1!

    Good Luck!

  10. ModernWarfare2 Says:

    Call of Duty 6: Modern Warfare 2 is way better than CoD4. It has better graphics and better weapons, and better online gameplay. There are perks that are a lot better than Modern Warfare 1, so yes, it is better.

  11. BlakeSta Says:

    Yes Because Has More Guns Better Guns Better Perks ANd Has Alot More Amzing Graphics :)

  12. x0xBabyAngelx0x Says:

    yes it sure is

    COD4: MW2 has more action pack fun adventure and is probably one of the most funniest games of all army games!

    from ridding snow cars to climbing dangers cliffs its all about army!

    One level something tragic happens and some people even cry!

    Another level you need to save the White House!

    This game well make you jump up of excitement!

    i beat the game 4 times and i still can’t get enough!

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