Is it too late to play Call of duty 4?


Is it too late to play Call of duty 4?

Fri, Jul 29, 2011

Call of Duty 8

okay so my mom doesnt like me playing video games so she usually doesnt buy me any games for a long periods of time…

i got a 360 last christmas.(12-25-07)
and i only have 5 games for it….( gta4,halo 2, forza 2, marvel alliance….guitar hero 3.)

i really want to get call of duty 4 but it came out like 8 months ago and i dont know if people still play it.

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  1. g35girll Says:

    my fiance still plays it..

  2. Jon C Says:

    alot of people still play it, its very popular. i personally hate coming in on the ‘back end’ of a video game cycle so I wouldn’t. There are some other good ones out now, and coming out that you should get instead. Battlefield bad company being one

  3. cgZeox Says:

    Dude.. go pick up that game.. there are TONS of people playing it.. it’s one of the hottest games out there still!!

  4. cardshark77733 Says:

    It is a very popular game that a lot of people will play for a long time.

  5. Ryan B Says:

    oh trust me about 100,000 play on it consistently everyday lol

  6. Saphirra Says:

    It’s still very popular. Play it!

  7. ninja clown Says:

    no its not to late

  8. Willem K Says:

    what do u mean just go rent it if you like it buy it

  9. Desperate Says:

    oh yah, its still popular. People mention it a lot. That was a good game for some reason. Its my older bro’s favorite.
    Try playing less – my younger bro starts at 10am and quits at 2 am. Seriously, w/o a break


  10. Sasha C Says:

    Yes, people still play it. It’s not to late.
    A friend of mine plays it all the time.

  11. Hugo M Says:

    of course! i play it on ps3 though. but all my friends play cod4 online on XBOX. games like that are gonna be played for a long time. shame about the short storyline. wont ruin it for you though.


  12. Becky B Says:

    Tons of people still play it. hat’s like asking does anyone play and Mario Brothers games. Yeah, buy it.

  13. Jake H Says:

    Millions of people still play call of duty 4. I still play it and I got it the day it came out. The only downside to playing a game later is you’re going to suck compared to everyone else. Don’t be surprised if you end up 5 kills 20 deaths your first few games because it will get better.

  14. yamnnjr Says:

    I guarantee people still play that game. People still play call of duty the original for the PC online so I’m definately sure you’ll find people online playing the 4th one for the 360.

  15. bsgremlins Says:

    lots of people still play it but if the new Call of Duty comes before you get it then get the new one. But I would get it if you were going to get it right away.

  16. Abeid Shunu Says:

    Is this a joke??? Call of Duty 4 is probably one of the most played Xbox Live games currently on the market. It is incredibly popular and also an amazing game. It is also a personal favorite of mine.

    If you like online first-person shooters, get it!!! It’s great!!

    Currently more then 3 million people play it but in December when the new Call of Duty comes out the number will slowly diminish because people will buy the new one and forget about the old one.

  17. Peter Says:

    If U want to play it ….. PLAY IT
    Don’t care about the date of release

  18. Shady Says:

    Don’t worry. LOADS of people still play CoD4. Won’t be a drought in that area any time soon.

  19. Jasen (myspace is on profile) Says:

    There are over 10000 thousand people online dude. Yeah, people still play it. The next Call of Duty comes out in December or sometime around there, thats when they will stop playing it slowly, and move to that game. You probably still have a year before it goes dead.

  20. dan the man Says:

    yeah tons of people are on it all the time. its a great game and the online play rocks.

  21. Albokid Says:


  22. magic Says:

    i still play it i was playing it 2 hours ago there were plenyt of people online more than 50,000 definetely the next call of duty is coming out 2009 so dont worry

  23. Lewis Aitken Says:

    Yeah, loads of people still play it. Its good but they are bringing out a new COD out in November 2008. COD 5, its based on World War 2. COD 4 has some better points because it is modern and has cool weapons in it which might not be in the new one. I have COD 4 and it is really fun. 8/10

  24. Agunner Says:

    Dude. BUY IT! It is one of the best games on the market right now. On xbox live it is ver popular. It is worth the money. If you like first person shooters this game is for you.

  25. adam e Says:

    IT STILL ISN’T TOO LATE! This game is amazing. I think there will always be people playing… at least until the next version (if there is one) comes out.

  26. Aaron n Says:

    if u dont play it now ur really missing out and yes A LOT of ppl still play it trust me and get it.

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