Is modern warfare 2 going to be better than call of duty world at war?


Is modern warfare 2 going to be better than call of duty world at war?

Fri, Aug 6, 2010


Hello everyone.So me and my friends were talking about call of duty and my friend said i think call of duty world at war is better than modern warfare 2 please give me a list of ideas that why modern warfare 2 is better than call of duty world at war.Whoever answers ill give you ten points.


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  1. Sindako Says:

    listen WAW is an amazing call of duty SERIES but i think in MW2 the game play will be different case its modern and the story of waw is a real story
    but i’ll buy MW2 the day it will be released and then i’ll tell you if it’s better or not but i love WAW more than MW

  2. Gunnar Says:

    MW2 is will be much better than WaW. but that’s my 2 cents.

  3. Lucas M Says:

    yes. reason? because it’s made by infinity ward.

    all the ones made by them are great. however, the ones made by treyarch lack the intensity and therefore can’t measure up. also, the AI isn’t as good. for example, compare call of duty: big red one to call of duty: finest hour, or modern warfare to WaW.

    infinity ward should be the only one making the cod series.

  4. Jedi Ted Says:

    I think that World at War was a really good game. I would like to see if the new Call of Duty is better, but right now everything is just hype. I’m going to have to go with World at War,1. because I have been playing W.A.W. and I like old war games. 2. Modern Warfare is not what it really should be. In todays’ war games you don’t see the bombs hidden in cars and the IED’s buried 3 feet under the road. And your enemy isn’t wearing a uniform. He runs around in anything he can put on. Thats just my take on new war games. But I still look forward to playing MW2.

  5. Akira Says:

    MW2 has an orginal storyline, while WaW focuses on a different part of WWII; not just D-Day against the Germans. However, I think MW2 will be better if it’s anything like the first Modern Warefar.

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