is modern warfare 3 coming out?


is modern warfare 3 coming out?

Thu, May 1, 2014

Modern Warfare 3

Question by hotdog luva: is modern warfare 3 coming out?
My friend told me that modern warfare 3 was coming out next year and it will be on the wii also
he wasnt sure so is there?
and if so where and how do i preorder it?

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Answer by DHG
Modern warfare 3 will probably be made but it won’t come out next year and have no idea weather it will come to the wii.

Next year Treyarch’s(the guys who made World at war) next Call of Duty game will come out and that will probably be on the wii.

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  1. Mushroomer Says:

    Right now we don’t know the full story, but allow me to jump to a conclusion-
    We won’t see Modern Warfare 3 until the next line of consoles.
    Here’s the evidence-
    1. For the past few years, development of CoD games have bounced from Infinity Ward (who handles Modern Warfare) and Treyarch (World at War, a rumored Vietnam CoD that will release this year).
    2. Infinity Ward announced that their next project will NOT be Modern Warfare 3, but instead something “Completely Different”.
    3. Infinity Ward wouldn’t let Treyarch touch the Modern Warfare series in a million years (With the exception of Wii ports).
    4. Every major console provider has set an approximate end date for the current line of consoles, which is around 2012.

    Now, here’s the logic. This year we’ll likely see the rumored Vietnam Call of Duty, handled by Treyarch. It will be pretty good, but not revolutionary. In 2011, instead of Call of Duty 7, Activision will release Infinity Ward’s new project. 2012 – with the dawn of new machines – will also see a new, Infinity Ward developed, Modern Warfare 3.

    Again, this is all speculation. Logic-based speculation, but still a guess.

  2. Rice The Great Says:

    check it out, theyre almost finish making it

    it suppose to be the most realistic military game ever

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