Is there going to be Nazi Zombies in Call of Duty: Black Ops?


Is there going to be Nazi Zombies in Call of Duty: Black Ops?

Fri, Jul 9, 2010


Coz I f*cking loved Nazi Zombies! Its’ the best thing on any Call of Duty! It would be great to see it again back in Black Ops? Is it OFFICIAL that there is going to be some kind of a Zombie mode? Thanks.


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  1. yagami light Says:

    Um nope, but bro you can discuss it over gamefaqs board.
    You maybe see a possibility of it as dlc ?:)

  2. The Man Says:

    The most info that anybody has is that they are seriously considering having a variant of Nazi zombies in the final product of Black Ops.

    They’d be stupid not to, but it’s Treyarch…

  3. evoo09 Says:

    They are not Nazis, it might be in the game but idk cuz its vietnam

  4. 101001 Says:

    It will depend on who wins or won the fight between the two companies that made call of duty world at war and modern warfare 1 and 2. if the world at war company Activision won over infinity ward, then maybe

  5. Ty Says:

    According to some sorces yes, but more recent ones say no. It would be cool though to have Nazi Zombies.

  6. michealmikeyb Says:

    they might have it because it is treyarch but it will be communist zombies

  7. dan Says:

    more recent updates on sites hav said no but i believe that the peeple at treyarch will b smart enuf to relize that more peeple will purchase black ops if it had a zombies or aliens mode on it… i think that it will but its more of an opinion

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