Maximize MW3 Double XP (Modern Warfare 3 Must Watch)


Maximize MW3 Double XP (Modern Warfare 3 Must Watch)

Sat, Nov 5, 2011

Modern Warfare 3

The “No Purchase Required” Details: To receive one (1) free game piece and a copy of these Official Rules, while supplies last, send your name and complete address postmarked on or before December 16, 2011 to: DewXP Promotion PO Box 760017, El Paso, TX 88576-0017 T-Shirts: Like My Page Twitter: Google+: Tumblr: AppRat: Redditors love Karma:
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  1. iGetSober Says:

    Ive Bought 5 12 Packs of Mtn dew and ive got 8 more from some of my neighbors. then my history teacher drinks 2 20oz bottles a day and ive got roughly 20 of those so im set

  2. 6918nemo Says:

    What about buying the mt. Dew and dorritos and getting the bonus time entering the codes together?

  3. HLGswiftdoomsday42 Says:

    lifetime supply of doritos? more like a week ^_^

  4. ninjahobo1510 Says:

    i dont even like dorritos

  5. yourcouzin Says:

    @GiometricShapes lol

  6. GiometricShapes Says:

    You could just copy the codes off the doritos you know. Guess how much this costs? FREE.

  7. GDINSKY Says:

    just go to the store and type the codes into your phone :)

  8. MrsSmigel Says:

    Is this available in england? :S

  9. Haesemeyer80 Says:

    Bro i bought a Mountain Dew yesterday and some faggot stole and i said “WTF are you doing?” and he said “Its MW3 Double XP”. Im like wow faggot.

  10. Demerson35 Says:

    Please check out my channel.

    I make Gears of war 3 and black ops gameplays/commentaries.(mw3 coming soon)

    If you like what you see please give the video a thumbs up and if you want to see more subscribe.

    Thank you for your time.

  11. EYVTeam Says:

    Hey guys i know only a couple of you will read this but im a small youtuber and i upload pretty beastly gameplays like 62 kds and 50 gun killstreaks, i just uploaded a HILARIOUS 101-5 dual com, i just got my hd pvr, i love interacting and playing with subs! id really appreciate some feedback and maybe a sub :)

  12. R4W3L3M3NT Says:

    @BenRiordan111 they always had 1. 24 hours. and no like button so yeah…

  13. gtjk1197 Says:

    y bother

  14. BenRiordan111 Says:

    this info is not relevant they now have a limit Like so every one nows

  15. ChunkyMonkeyx7 Says:

    at my school we have a soda machine and i see a kid buy like five every day……

  16. TheGamehead95 Says:

    im going to go to walmart and take the bag at the very end and go home fast put it in than when my time runs out i go to another store and do the same thing that way i exercise and i play

  17. corleone190 Says:

    @MW3Insomnia Don’t try to sound smart….
    PepsiCO owns the brand name Mountain Dew.

  18. santasjiggie Says:

    @LaVulpeDaFirenze i get them for 25 cents from pepsi”s wearhouse cuz my dad works there :D

  19. santasjiggie Says:

    @MW3Insomnia Well pepsi sells mountain dew and theres a soda machine in the wearhouse were u can get one bottle for 25 cents.

  20. Dakotah7272 Says:

    how much would it be for half mt. dew and half doritos?

  21. TheOnlyiCallumm Says:

    Is this also in the UK ?

  22. MW3Insomnia Says:

    @santasjiggie ummm the double xp is for doritos and mnt dew. not pepsi so how does that work sir?

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