Medal of Honor OR Call of Duty Black Ops?


Medal of Honor OR Call of Duty Black Ops?

Wed, Jun 29, 2011

Call of Duty 8

i know they dont come out for a while but i just want your alls opinions on it…both look really good but i really only want one or the other…

ps im not a call of duty fanboy, or a 8 year old kid that does nothing but play video games…im 34 years old and just love videos games lol


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  1. Obama Says:

    Call of duty engine is so good…Amazing A.i.(artificial intelligence), amazing graphics, and smooth play that sets it apart from any other game

    Medal of honor look amazing but if like battle field then you should go with medal of honor

  2. Chris Says:

    Depends Medal of Honor the beta it has a Battlefield Bad company game style to it, and because its multi-player is made by Dice the company who made Battlefield Bad Company, its a game which requires a’lot of team work and communication, But Call of duty Blacks ops its game style is more of a shoot and run, more fast paced kind of game which rely’s heavily on your actions and and fast reflexes, you can just jump in and play by yourself. Really it comes down to your preference’s and what you prefer

  3. junebugmonkeys Says:

    well you could always wait for the reviews of the game but personally im preordering medal of honor but i want black ops cuz i wanna know what call of duty fanboys find so intrigueing that they have to buy every game but ive played the multiplayer on medal of honor and its cool but no destructable environments like battlefield or call of duty if call of duty has it but yea hope i helped

  4. jose Says:

    They are both great games i like them both but honestly, i would choose black ops because more people will play it and it looks like it will probaly have more action and, it looks way more intresting.

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