Modern Warfare 2: BlameTruth Free For All 5 (UMP .45) Booster Hunter


Modern Warfare 2: BlameTruth Free For All 5 (UMP .45) Booster Hunter

Sat, Jun 5, 2010

Call of Duty 4 Click Above to see the previous video from BLAMETRUTH Modern Warfare 2: BlameTruth Free For All 5 (UMP .45) Booster Hunter (MW2 Gameplay/Commentary) Subscribe to my channel for more: Game Mode: Free For All Map: Karachi Equipment: Semtex Weapon and Perk Loadout: UMP .45 – Silencer Single Model 1887 – No attachment Marathon Pro Lightweight Pro Ninja Pro Kill Streak Loadout: 3 kills: UAV 7 kills: Harrier Strike 9 kills: Pave Low Final Score: 30-3 – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - Follow Machinima on Twitter! Machinima Inside Gaming Machinima Respawn Machinima Entertainment, Technology, Culture FOR MORE MACHINIMA, GO TO: FOR MORE GAMEPLAY, GO TO: Tags: yt:quality=high Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 MW2 UPC 47875333376 PS3 047875837492 XBox 360 XBox360 X360 0047875333376 PC MPN 83747 Infinity Ward Activision Duty 6 CoD MW two mw multiplayer karachi ump 45 silenced stealth ffa montage map tutorial strategies tips pro mlg gamebattles gun gameplay free for all team deathmatch tdm blame truth blametruth hd high definition

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  1. xQsCinema Says:

    ump or mp5k?

  2. DUCK76904 Says:

    douche nozzle boosters lol thats funny =X

  3. mpap209 Says:

    w00t just glitched to level 70! 10th Prestige :)

    got the glitch tool here:


  4. Dylanm2164 Says:

    Check out the 360 no scope on my channal. Sub for more with my new dazzle . Sorry for doing this to advertise my channal but its the only way i know .

  5. SuperFartslayer Says:

    @dol69dug cheers pal

  6. MaGproductiionz Says:

    IF not Take out Tac insertions Put Cage match back in So they don’t Interfere with regular gameplay like free 4 All cage match was good b4 Because there was NO boosters. just bring back cage match the community will be happy IW, you need to worry about the community And not your wallets.
    Msg me on live Gt’s – oG iTryHard – JevvsonAplane- IVIichelle0bama
    Check my channel out for GT modding tutorial

  7. SaintSags Says:

    FUUUU i just dropped a booger in my noodles

  8. dol69dug Says:

    @SuperFartslayer when you run it stops faster

  9. xPreDaToIR Says:

    @SuperFartslayer it makes you aim quickerafter sprinting :)

  10. SuperFartslayer Says:

    wot does lightweight pro do?

  11. jolynheineck03 Says:

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    and check out their tips section #OMG

  12. cuberZ06 Says:

    If you’re serious about CoD, STOP advertising your websites #OMG

  13. jolynheineck03 Says:

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  15. kenblockwrxsti Says:

    fuckin dewche nozzel boosters xD hilarious dude!!

  16. shnarbis Says:

    lolllllllllllllllllll i was one of those boosters! thats hilarious my gamertag was: i camarokilla

    that is hilarious how over 400,000 people now hate mee………..

  17. shnarbis Says:

    @samq13909 agreed!

  18. BornToBeAGolfer Says:

    Name the perks

  19. jolynheineck03 Says:

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  21. 1Death2Many Says:

    this is why i dont play FFA anymore, cuz of annoying boosters

  22. jolynheineck03 Says:

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    it was really helpful #OMG

  23. callum961 Says:

    they should put 3rd person cage match cos evry gamew i go on people boost and with 3rd person they dont effect peopple tryin to play normaly

  24. MrGreekdog Says:


  25. xXAlbinosnowmanXx Says:

    He should put the perks on the side and put the names beside the icons. Like it is in the begining of the game. that would be cool.

  26. mw2guru9 Says:

    sweet site to Glitch your way to prestige 10 and more here, mw2-cheats(.)net

    -I got to level 70 using their tools

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