Modern Warfare 2 Demo – E3 2009 (HD)


Modern Warfare 2 Demo – E3 2009 (HD)

Mon, Oct 10, 2011

Modern Warfare 3

Head back into battle in this direct feed footage.
Video Rating: 4 / 5


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  1. partyman147 Says:

    I can’t wait until its out! :D
    Oh wait.

  2. 97kevinhuanle Says:

    ^^ this is a lame video

  3. Brickguy360G Says:


    Probably because it’s a completely different actor?

  4. MrCRAZYCASH Says:

    Anyone wanna sweeeettt Black Ops Monatge??? Well guess What i Happen to hav one on MY CHANNEL! check it out ;0

  5. dontsuck12 Says:

    Anyone else notice Soap’s accept differs from the one he has in the full game?

  6. ramaIakZockerTV Says:

    hey leuts,

    habe ein neuen aktiven deutschen gamer channel
    erstellt :) . schaut doch mal bei mir vorbei ^^



  7. lalometalic101 Says:

    i cannot believe people still post comments on this vid

  8. TVshowsCRO Says:

    Thumbs up if you are watching this 2 000 000 years before Jesus Christ or if you are not watching this at all :P

  9. TacDel1 Says:

    the vid ended where it ended because he probably crashed and ides in the downhill

  10. FreeRuneScapeItemz Says:

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  11. aidenmccloskey Says:

    Average multiplayer. Average campaign. This was by far the most overrated game in the COD series. Disappointing to say the least. However, this was one of the best levels in the game. Good fun.

  12. guitargamer1228 Says:

    Ayo im livin the high life!!
    Fly clothes good liquor good weed
    fine hoes all the things ima need
    we make these ladies pants wet when we grab the mic,
    and we gonna have em like
    La La La La La , La La La , La La La la La La La la…..
    Sit back relax and move slow, cause we on cruise control

    i got these motha fuckas hatin on the way the boy lives….

    (dont have any more room, but thats mac miller, cruise control)

  13. johnwelbeck Says:

    Soaps balls just dropped I guess.

  14. RossInAction Says:

    @EPiiCMAXHD because in cod4 nobody new he was scottish, they made him scottish in mw2, him being english was the other option.

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