Modern Warfare 2: Domination on Afghan: 64-9 (Commentary Gameplay)


Modern Warfare 2: Domination on Afghan: 64-9 (Commentary Gameplay)

Fri, Aug 13, 2010

Uncategorized Click this to watch MW2: Demolition on Afghan with Tactical Nuke By SAM5000! Modern Warfare 2: Domination on Afghan: 64-9 (Commentary Gameplay) Weapon: Scar-H w/ Silencer Perks: Scavenger pro, Stopping power pro, Steady Aim Pro Killstreaks: Harrier Strike, Emergency Airdrop, Pave Low Score: 64-9 youtube channel: FOR MORE MACHINIMA GOTO: TAGS: yt:quality=high Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 MW2 UPC 47875333376 PS3 047875837492 XBox 360 XBox360 X360 0047875333376 PC MPN 83747 Infinity Ward Activision Duty 6 CoD MW two domination on afghan afgan thesandyravage therandysavage sandyravage sandy ravage online multiplayer gameplay footage and commentary


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  1. CTGamers Says:

    MUST READ!!!!!

    check out my top 5 kills video entry
    send me videos by email and youtube can you get into the top 5?

  2. TheDJFrizz Says:

    get a life cock sucker and settel down ass hole it happens i die in evey match like 15 times and i get like 12 kills each games so chill

  3. buniekiller863 Says:

    64-9 dang that’s insane your KD should have went up alot nice man good shit

  4. mrgiantbanana Says:

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  5. sh4kymike Says:

    who exactly is sandy ravage the girl, this guy, or chuck norris.

  6. spencert94 Says:

    “MOTHER FUCKER THEY’RE ALWAYS CAMPING IN THAT TUNNEL PIECE OF SHIT!!…. ok just cruising up to C.” I wish I could just recover from being angry like that

  7. karlp180 Says:

    Commentary 5:25 > 6:10 :L:L:L

  8. karlp180 Says:

    fuckin motherfucker theres always sumone on dat fuckin ridge i swear to god lol :L

  9. ithinkiaminlikewithu Says:

    LMFAO he sounds exactly like me when i play cod xD

  10. axlboy337 Says:

    Lol u sound Like a MW2 rager :p not to be mean or anything :)

  11. MrDupeczka123 Says:

    Resurgence for free on xbox

  12. ancientsea1 Says:

    @xTylerxCavemanx after i read this is roflmao

  13. gregkloss Says:

    your fucking awsom man

  14. TheItalianSoldiers Says:

    Lol You could of got a nuke!! Guess your pretty sick of em..

  15. Mallycodexpert Says:

    is it me or is he flipping amazing at COD!!!

  16. MrQwaaKzHD Says:

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  17. MrDupeczka123 Says:

    Resurgence for free -

  18. ImBored081593 Says:

    everyone hates fucking campers >:/

  19. LogDog111 Says:

    Lol dude nice video

  20. blastercore Says:

    @conez444 Capture cards, I heard it’s like a little box that tapes everything on your TV which you can set over to PC and edit everything.

  21. spunkypants69 Says:

    how do you get 64 kills and death 9 is MENTAL!!!!

  22. TheDjhmz Says:

    Resurgence for free on xbox

  23. MrDupeczka123 Says:

    Resurgence for free on xbox

  24. conez444 Says:

    hey how do u record ur gameplay like that so that it fits the screen do u like get a video camera or is it something u download on xbox?

  25. NigarianProductions Says:

    dude u got pissed when you die once.. if you got my skills you will hang urself .. luls

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