Modern Warfare 2 How do i make it more fun?


Modern Warfare 2 How do i make it more fun?

Thu, May 6, 2010


Modern Warfare 2 is so boring for me!How do i make it more fun?I really want to enjoy Modern Warfare 2.Also does anyone know why FutureWeapons isnt on tv anymore and what tv show is like FutureWeapons?

Just to let you know i did take a break from Modern Warfare 2.I played Rainbow six vegas 2 and Battlefield:Bad company 2 demo.These kept my occupied for about 2-3 days.Thanks!
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  1. Dylan S Says:

    Try Spec Ops or play more multiplayer with your pals.

  2. whuz_up Says:

    Have you tried the different games modes and if you really get bored try doing glitches cuz you can piss off so many people hehehe XD

  3. Karisse Says:

    play some halo

    but other then that you should work on getting achievements, and work on getting together a team to play against other teams competitively, that’s always fun, nothing better then knowing your team is better then another team (on working to the top)

  4. Brett C Says:

    when you do good and consistantly get chopper gunners and ac-130′s oh its loads of fun, check my site if you need help with it.

  5. cPDES Says:

    no clue about F.W. play wolverines and just no scope everyone with the intervention. i blew a guy’s legs through the wall once. If you have xbl, then go around knifing everyone. play different game styles (free for all, headquarters, etc)

  6. Drevenger Says:

    You need to play with friends. if you want you can add me my PSN id is natraj123(its pretty gay).

  7. xGodzxRadarx Says:

    i also got bored of it, try playing in parties with people online, that makes it more fun.

  8. JLDIII Says:

    The challenges is what i do, it actually gives purpose to the game and not to just rank up.
    they’re actually pretty difficult
    like 2 headshots with 1 bullet
    its pretty fun, and i also try to get all the attachments for every weapon, even secondary, this way you also find your favorite gun

  9. Alan Says:

    You should use a variety of different weapons and possibly play private matches with friends. If you want to have fun and annoy people then you should use the grenade launcher- although it is “nooby” you can still have fun.

    Also you can attempt to do some veteran missions which can be quite fun, and if you are successful will get you achievements.

    If you want to get the most of modern warfare 2 then you should buy the strategy guide which is only around £10- i have it and i have to say that it is amazing and gives a lot of tips and tells you amazing tactics.

    Hope that i was helpful!

  10. Harry Says:

    Play with friends and do throwing knifes and stuff.

  11. Josh Says:

    theres a few ways!

    you could do some matches with a different play style, like a run-and-gun method.

    for example, use the ump45 and have the perks marathon, lightweight, and commando pro.
    then just run around and knife people. because youre never standing still, it is a lot more fun

  12. Ryannn Says:

    I know how you feel about modern warfare 2 i got bored of the game fairly quick because they changed it so much from cod4. But my friends noticed people putting their game play on so i found out how to do this and now modern warfare 2 is really fun to me!!!!!!

    it requires a Capture card. Dazzle is what i use.
    3 Av splitters 1gig of ram on your computer and pinacle studio 12

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