Modern Warfare 2 Infamy (Official HD)


Modern Warfare 2 Infamy (Official HD)

Mon, Oct 10, 2011

Modern Warfare 3

Modern Warfare 2 “Infamy” Trailer. Follow @fourzerotwo for #MW2 updates on Twitter. Visit the all new for more videos, news, and more.


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  1. WesleyF350 Says:

    Brings back good memories

  2. RockerJack15 Says:

    wtf we have totally had war on our soil. has makarov never heard of the civil war,the indian wars,the american revolution,the mexican american war.all this could have been avoided if makarov did any goddamn research


    Even in 2011 this trailer gets me excited for a game that has already been released, and which I have already played. The new campaign trailer for MW3 doesn’t even come close to this level of awesomeness. The score is perfect!

  4. MGSSnakeEater100 Says:

    At 1:19 Is that guy doing another soldier? lol

  5. BeLikeSHOCKZ Says:

    yay mw3 oh wait

  6. FreeRuneScapeItemz Says:

    adf. ly/ 34z2Z

    MW3 Beta Keys

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  7. Jenson22swift Says:

    mw3 is exciting but it WILL NEVER reach up to mw2s fun. i will continue to play it for a super long time. as its one of the funnest cods of all time along with cod4!

  8. inferno33222 Says:

    Absolutely love the music. Hans Zimmer is a master

  9. TheGodzillaSithLord Says:

    @pwnerloliful i think its infamy

  10. pwnerloliful Says:

    what’s the music called?

  11. ThisKidYouAllKnow Says:

    @ThisKidYouAllKnow what the hell this comment isnt that funny lol

  12. TEunleashed316 Says:

    OMG 0:10- 0:32 a Bible verse!!!??? That is cool!!! I love the stroy of Cain & Abel!

  13. xXR3MiXx Says:

    they need to update the infinityward website D:

  14. BurningMarksman Says:

    Still better than Black Ops….

  15. Ph0enixAsh Says:

    @ThisKidYouAllKnow Derp.

  16. jordanrajamaki Says:

    @ThisKidYouAllKnow already has dude so has black modern ops 690,890 on playstaion moving object translator 2000 and on megabox 4597

  17. 1AsteC1 Says:

    @ammobobguy Just type Boomerang – Mechanized in the youtube search bar… It will come out with the title ”Infamy” at the top… :)

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