Modern Warfare 2 meets Metal Gear Solid – part 1


Modern Warfare 2 meets Metal Gear Solid – part 1

Mon, Oct 10, 2011

Modern Warfare 3

We’re on facebook now! MODERN WAR GEAR SOLID DVDS AVAILABLE AT: MODERN WAR GEAR SOLID – ACT 1 When Makarov and Liquid Ocelot team up, it’s up to Snake and Ghost to stop them. But who is the real mastermind controlling Makarov and Liquid? * * * * * * Frequently Asked Questions 1) Where did you get the guns? They are airsoft guns from The main guns in Parts 1 and 2 are the G&P Sentry, WE SCAR GBB, and the A&K Masada. 2) What camera equipment do you use? We are currently using the Canon 7d. I really love it. We also use the Backbird Stabilizer, the only small stabilizer I’ve been impressed with. For future videos, Rick is getting a Kessler Crane and dolly. It’s going to be insane. For more info on our gear check out: 3) Where did you get the costumes? There is a detailed breakdown on our blog: Most of the tactical/combat gear is also from Ehobbyasia. 4) How much did Parts 1 and 2 cost? If you count all the gear we already had like prop guns and camera equipment it would be pretty expensive. But the money we spent specifically for Parts 1 and 2 was three to five hundred bucks, mostly on pizza delivery. 5) What is the end credits music? All the music in Parts 1 and 2 is royalty free stock music, except for a cover of the Old Snake Theme performed by Rick Burnett. The end credits music is Anthem for War, composed by Cassidy Bisher. * * * * * * Thanks for all the great comments


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  1. Spandex415 Says:

    @mamriv007 you can get that on the internet, ebay, just type in skull head mask ski mask. watever

  2. Mraznkid99 Says:

    hallo sunshine
    awww crap LLOL

  3. CookiesOnFridays Says:

    I laughed at 3:52 XD

  4. laxzzzen Says:

    IDK if that’s supposed to be Naomi but she was with Ocelot (Liquid) at that time.

  5. splinter360 Says:

    @dBolotok I’m english and I think hes ok. Plus hes not doing so much so an english accent but a ghost accent. And he does ghost alright.

  6. splinter360 Says:

    looooooooooooool @2:26 great attention to detail. As snake actually always perves on girls when you see through his perspective.

  7. ThedxRAMPAGExb Says:

    3:51 Guy who is pissing” don’t you know how to knock the door”
    ghost “Sorry man”
    ooh wait he fucking kills him

  8. xNikoMeister Says:

    modern gear

  9. RapDiRap123 Says:

    Airsoft FTW :D

  10. yattfiz Says:

    2:34 I DO MY BREAST!! lol

  11. ChosenPC123 Says:

    everyone just loves ghost the most

  12. 612Jfox420 Says:

    can someone tell me what camera there using ???

  13. dBolotok Says:

    Thumbs up if you laughed more watching the video :D

  14. dBolotok Says:

    To the guy acting Ghost, you need to practice your British English with accent

  15. dBolotok Says:

    @pheonix10071 it looks like one of those scarfs Arabs wear. I thought Ghost was British, LOL

  16. Saintssupporter10 Says:

    “Hello sunshine ” one for us english!

  17. RnLShowTV Says:

    During trying times you press ALT to liken my Coming.

  18. Z4pphy Says:

    I would love it if Metal Gear Solid meets up with Call of Duty.. what a great game it would be.. :D… hahaha…. “hello, sunshine…”

  19. burakje68 Says:

    guys know ghost is not dead Roach is roach was only in fire ghost not know that!

  20. youpeewee10 Says:

    this better than sex

  21. pheonix10071 Says:

    where did ghost get his scarf? I need the scarf please respond!!

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