Modern Warfare 2: Team Deathmatch, Run and Gun Approach for Rundown by nextgentactics (MW2 Tutorial)


Modern Warfare 2: Team Deathmatch, Run and Gun Approach for Rundown by nextgentactics (MW2 Tutorial)

Sun, Apr 11, 2010

Uncategorized Click above to watch our Modern Warfare 2: Team Deathmatch, Tactical Approach for Terminal by nextgentactics (MW2 Tutorial) Modern Warfare 2: Team Deathmatch, Run and Gun Approach for Rundown by nextgentactics (MW2 Tutorial) This video series provides tutorials for…


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  1. Tieiech659 Says:

    @PivotForevah -he has a tritton ax pro

  2. PivotForevah Says:

    Can you hear all the sound through the turtle beach headset because all my headsets i just hear other people talking the rest i hear from my tv. because i want to buy a turtle beach headset.

  3. bobcat031 Says:

    Now you can get “Left for Dead2″ for free if you alreddy have an steam account
    watch my video follow instructions and descreption is in link
    have fun!

  4. madman7991 Says:


  5. samiestill529009 Says:

    Fck forking over forty pounds for CODMW2. Me and my buddies downloaded the steam cracked version that has the brand-new Map-Pack from codmw2freedlXcom (replace X with . ) this morning, and it operates beautifully. I’m already at lvl. 19 and cant wait to have the ACR with Red Dot Sight!

  6. TheXboxPs3WoW Says:

    i really enjoyed this video, i really like how you presented it. you should def make more vids :) oh and if you enjoy modern warfare 2 i know YOU WILL LOVE the new maps, check out a site that shows you how to get free ms points for the new maps, just google newfreemicrosoftpoints

  7. 31Bubble Says:

    If anybody would like 10th prestige lobby im letting anyone join for 1600 microsoft points only one person gives me the microsoft points and ill do a whole lobby my gamertag is DWHOOD.


    your crew? rofl

  9. FanBoyKilla3 Says:

    I would give u a rundown on the difference but It’s too long since ur already with SONY stick with them that’s what I did

  10. GamerProProductionz Says:

    I would say the 360 but… i myself started out with the ps2 and it was hard to adapt to the new control of the remote. So for your sake you should get the ps3

  11. trevormcdonald2 Says:

    my gt is wishfulspring

  12. stusieboi Says:

    hey every1 watch my last vid please
    thanks :)

  13. 515reinigs515 Says:

    watch my mw2 to vid on my channel i will get one of me or my crew getting a nuke soon

  14. RMAworld Says:

    PS3 NO DOUBT =)

  15. 1212blw Says:

    @World65FTW no doubt ps3

  16. edpoo86 Says:

    i love the 360 but since you have the ps2 id get the ps3 since you have those games for it already and psn is free

  17. Source527 Says:

    Get a PS3, you dont have to pay for online play and it has equal (if not BETTER) graphics.

  18. Source527 Says:

    NexGen has some good stuff

  19. World65FTW Says:

    Sup peeps I have a question.. Well im still at PS2 LMAO… And I’m going to get a new system tomorrow which should I get an Xbox360 or PS3??

  20. codynashley6909 Says:

    that was so rad

  21. panirasabuhaymo Says:

    @lebron4pres23 update! we got 7 members… i think im not so sure but we play on PC not Xbox or PS3

  22. 4DpY Says:




  23. lebron4pres23 Says:

    @panirasabuhaymo how many is in your clan? not looking to join jw.

  24. MaplePie7 Says:

    lol thing one and thing two

  25. Gunmaster900 Says:

    I think they do it for fun :|

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