Modern Warfare 2: What type of knife does Shepherd stab you with?


Modern Warfare 2: What type of knife does Shepherd stab you with?

Thu, Dec 16, 2010


At the end of Modern Warfare 2, Shepherd pulls out a peculiar combat knife out and stabs Soap with it. Can anyone tell me what make/manufacturer the knife is or what style of knife it is? If it’s fictional, any look-alikes will do.

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  1. Mr.Burke Says:

    He stabs Roach, not Soap. The knife is any sort of combat knife. There are many types so to identify would be pretty hard.

  2. Lee Says:

    looks like a tactical knife!

  3. Chad Says:

    A butter knife.

    jk, but the knife was some sort of combat knife. There are many different knifes the U.S. Army issues, so I cant really determine.

  4. smarty Says:

    well mw2 dosnt identify it so it would be imposible to tell and mr. burke sherperd shoots roach he stabs soap!

  5. hello7777 Says:

    The knife is obtusely it’s a fixed blade combat/tactical knife tanto or bowie blade. I queues somewhere around 6-9 inches the blade alone. It’s hard to tell since allot of the stuff including weapons are mostly made up and because it’s only been on screen for a few seconds.
    I think this knife is knife is similar to Sheperds
    cold steel black bear classic

  6. domo2255 Says:

    The knife a the end of modern warfare 2 that Shepard uses is most similar to the smith and wesson homeland security tanto fixed blade, if somone want’s to get one try out wedsite “knife depot” they sell them.

  7. domo2255 Says:

    Also if anyone is wondering the knife you use thoughout the game is the “BlackHawk Blades Tatang” also sold at the website “knife depot”.

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