Modern Warfare


Modern Warfare

Mon, Oct 10, 2011

Modern Warfare 3

This has nothing to do with Call of Duty despite my misleading title. It was too good to pass on. My entry to the Death and Destruction contest, and it placed FIRST out of five valid entries. As you can tell, I included the smallest amount of death and destruction I could. I finished a day late, but I got away with it anyway. OFFICE WARFARE


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  1. lerkopolater Says:

    They are giving away Gears of War 3: goo.gl9XLZW

  2. themaxbailey Says:

    thank you sorry to be a bother but how do you avoid light flickering

  3. MegaPopy123 Says:


  4. Zoot101 Says:

    @themaxbailey You need to make sure that all your camera’s settings are set to manual. If they’re automatic then they’ll change by themselves between you taking the frames and you’ll get all sorts of weird light flicker and focus pulls.

  5. themaxbailey Says:

    I’m using boinx and a logitech hd webcam but its still blurry what should i do

  6. legoclaw14 Says:

    nice speech but too bad it got wasted

  7. legofan555438 Says:

    i subscribed!!!

  8. legofan555438 Says:

    haha i love this video!

  9. theinvaded2012 Says:

    y is he wearin a suit?

  10. zedglz Says:

    like are still so very good

  11. MrMslegokid101 Says:

    good vid mate but u need brickarms

  12. mrsmarteypants Says:

    that was kinda cool

  13. hrkeller01 Says:

    this zoot guy is awesome

  14. TOASTERMILK27 Says:

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  15. youtokill1 Says:

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  16. TheBrickBrain Says:

    I love how he is always crawling around really fast

  17. Vinlewal Says:

    where did you got the boss’s face?

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