Modern Warfare 3: Golden Guns & Rank 80! (Call of Duty MW3 Multiplayer)


Modern Warfare 3: Golden Guns & Rank 80! (Call of Duty MW3 Multiplayer)

Sun, Oct 16, 2011

Modern Warfare 3

How to get Golden Guns in Modern Warfare 3 and the highest rank available in MW3! (: Do you think Rank 80 is too high? Are you pleased that you don’t have to prestige to get golden guns? Twitter! Thanks for watching!
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  1. ustolemypie2 Says:

    I love the colours of the perks.

  2. babbettedn Says:

    I really went to EDITMYPLAYERCARD.CO.CC and it is a good place to find playercard logos!

  3. randallzfdg Says:

    No way! Man that was awesome to watch! I found some legit tutorials on EDITMYPLAYERCARD.CO.CC and now I can make any logo I want for my guns!

  4. MrCuchi17 Says:

    This shiiiiiiiit it same as CoD Black Ops FUCK MW3 IDIOT BF3 It Ta LAW

  5. eli4s1231 Says:

    @pivotmaster12341 yeah dude i knew that, just thought they would of made more camo’s in general

  6. WhyDetox Says:

    @ninja1278 YAY

  7. ninja1278 Says:

    @WhyDetox there is dead silence witch makes you footsteps silent and the pro is no falling damage:)

  8. WhyDetox Says:

    I have an important question. Im a trickshotter, and i would like to know if you know if there is a comando pro equal? i.e no fall damage

  9. ThomazHD Says:

    Tactical Inserion = Boooooosters!

  10. SupahGassy Says:

    Assassin Pro is gonna be broken as anything.

  11. WillSkateForMoney1 Says:

    The hybrid sight looks sexy, and also OVERKILL!!!! , my fav perk of all time

  12. suzke Says:

    @coltsfan1235 Yes I heard about that too, I think it is the pro version of dead silence (4x quieter footsteps)

  13. fishy5445 Says:

    looks like i wont be using seight of hand and scavenger in same class

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