Modern Warfare 3 MAPS speculation!


Modern Warfare 3 MAPS speculation!

Mon, Oct 10, 2011

Modern Warfare 3

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  1. yankeeschampsx27 Says:

    looking forward to mw3!

  2. doolittlesy1 Says:

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  3. manuel2136 Says:

    i think summit was lke the best or one of the best maps in black ops (: .

  4. patricklyndon Says:

    oh u mean s and destroy will have bigger lobbes ?

  5. freesk8er53 Says:





  6. J3llYBEANS1 Says:

    did u just t bag that guy the hell

  7. CrisRock102 Says:

    Yeah I think that they are going to make it like mw1 and mw2 like putting the two games together and mw1 is one of the best call of duty games and mw2 is the best one ive ever played but some of the maps weren’t cool like cod 4

  8. RolinskiCody Says:

    If they made a game similiar to Call of Duty 4 as far as the maps, it would be epic. There was soooooo much variety on Call of Duty 4 that in my mind, it was the greatest well rounded Call of Duty ever made. They need to have maps like Creek to, where for us scoping snipers (yeah I know noob right…) We need maps like Crash, Creek, and Overgrown. Best maps ever made, just put those on every call of duty game so I can play them, thanks ;)

  9. kagami67 Says:

    @MrDavisclanesp i know so.

  10. MrDavisclanesp Says:

    i dont think so

  11. kagami67 Says:

    @StylisedScrublets positive.however,not sure if it’ll be worth it,they havent told us what the DLC “items” are yet,but obviously 3 will be map packs,not sure what the others will be,they’ve said they could be camos,game modes for both multiplayer and spec ops,and we’ll have to wait and see.ive already preordered the hardened though,figure 40 extras not too bad.

  12. StylisedScrublets Says:

    @kagami67 you sure? so if i buy hardnened edition which includes all DLC will it be worth it?

  13. kagami67 Says:

    there will be 20 DLC items,spread over a 9 month period.

  14. MDShares Says:

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  15. coursehome Says:

    @dantemidnight0 lol

  16. Ch0co27 Says:

    @Kr4hu Can you give information about battlefield 3 please it would mean alot to me because im like your number 1 person who loves your videos

  17. dantemidnight0 Says:

    Shut the fuck up you sack of shit. Get a life you fucking 500 pound cock sucker.

  18. AABBeCakezzz Says:

    Troll below me /

  19. ieatlotsofbunnies Says:

    You play on ps3, you teabag, and you like the scar-h. fucking faggot.

  20. Jonahmepoundder Says:

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  21. Robertsmalriali Says:

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  22. mrroboto790 Says:

    what’s based on facts when you are telling me i have some issues? anyway, the game looks fun. and quit whining about a game you haven’t played. and as far as the trailer, it’s a trailer. do you know what a trailer is? even more to point out, how has every cod been abandoned? i still play black ops. i have over 150 hours into it. i played all summer STILL. and i still play Mw2 also. even cod4 occasionally. and yes, lobbies are full. it has not been abandoned.

  23. TheNYCDreams Says:

    @mrroboto790 Perhaps you have trouble reading. I explained above that every COD game has been abandoned shortly after release, which IS screwing customers. I don’t know what you do not understand and every argument you make “get a job” is based on no facts whatsoever. It appears you have some issues. P.S. Those dedicated servers are only for PC, so I hope that is the version you intend to buy. Also, check out the multiplayer trailer from COD XP, it is something to laugh at.

  24. mrroboto790 Says:

    @TheNYCDreams well if you think 60 bucks once a year for a fun game that lasts a long damn time is “screwing the customers” maybe you should be out looking for a new job, or one at all, and stop spending so much time on the computer. and by the way, mw3 has dedicated servers. just announced. maybe you should hold off your comment bitching until you know the facts.

  25. hotchickhot2011 Says:

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