Wed, Oct 19, 2011

Modern Warfare 3

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  1. TheDeathnoteEps Says:

    because of one man army you got the nuke fastest

  2. THEJ3RM101 Says:

    @sergitosman Derp

  3. WarGames999 Says:

    its kinda weird how you cod fanboys or fans keep buying same game that has same gameplay and graphics are tired of it,if you are you need to forcly say to infinity ward to improve.

  4. sniperofCA Says:

    @MrFwong42 No I hear an AD

  5. MrFwong42 Says:

    does anyone else hear crickets?

  6. tekkno100 Says:

    @osdunn95 he has Tactical Mask Pro, which indicates the position of a stunned enemy

  7. ghostfacekiller011 Says:

    @tank7013 its a jug with riot shield i do my research :D

  8. osdunn95 Says:

    what is the yellow hit-marker when he uses a concussion grenade?

  9. stardy91 Says:

    man feed with only 4 people on the team :) lol

  10. LoneWolfTactics Says:

    idiot with ghost pro at 0:46

  11. charlottejez Says:

    I really went to EDITMYPLAYERCARD.CO.CC and it is a good place to find playercard logos!

  12. theleinator Says:

    omg it’s………. CRICKETS!

  13. bunyun241 Says:

    whats with the squeaky noise?

  14. IAsylumRocksI Says:

    Good job Sherlock,case closed.

  15. sergitosman Says:

    its black ops

  16. 1800PWNTIME Says:

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