Modern Warfare 3 Private Game Modes (mw3)


Modern Warfare 3 Private Game Modes (mw3)

Sun, Oct 16, 2011

Modern Warfare 3

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  1. mrfuckyourmom22 Says:

    Anybody wanna join a xbox clan add me FOUNDE26 QS clan

  2. aidanlaw95 Says:

    @DemonX27 Many games, such as free FPS games have an infection type game-mode. Halo hasn’t copyrighted it

  3. dahliakveg Says:

    He isn’t kidding you guys! EDITMYPLAYERCARD.CO.CC really is the business when it comes to tutorial videos for making black ops emblems!

  4. XxwolfyxoXo Says:

    wow thats gonna be fun

  5. Grnday5mcr Says:

    Cod elite not cod xp. Lol

  6. OH25EXY Says:

    I remember playing infected back on COD4

  7. flores936 Says:

    some of these are from like halo and halo reach weird

  8. SuperEliteTroop1999 Says:

    OMFG are u serious? JUggernaut and infection and drop zone?? WTF make your own ideas. Im dissapointed

  9. SuperEliteTroop1999 Says:

    wow halo..

  10. Trokkune Says:

    Is it gonna have stick and stones? Anyone

  11. iwuhvbuubees Says:

    I don’t like Halo but infinity ward copied them to the highest level by Infection Mode.

  12. aitkensE04xXxRecon Says:

    Well. That’s sounds just like halo. 0.0

  13. MrTirien Says:

    Geforce and Battlefield 3 will host a LAN on USS hornet, which is epic. A real true huge battleship, you can’t miss it. Just search for: Yogscast USA: USS Hornet, i wish i was there ^^ looks epic!

  14. rictofin4 Says:

    Fag you ar puttin differnt games into the video

  15. ZeeDugong Says:

    you just describe halo reach

  16. iPlayPlus Says:

    If I have over 500 subscribers by November 8th, I’ll give away a free copy of Modern Warfare 3. I have a video to explain the contest=giveaways playlist>first one, :P. All you have to do is subscribe, comment on the video saying “I love Call of Duty”, and like the video. I post gameplay/commentary on games like Call of Duty (I normally have games like 56-7), Battlefield (23-13), Minecraft, etc. I also will start putting up my guitar covers of bands like Green Day, and All Time Low!

  17. MentalHippo123 Says:

    * Mods

  18. MentalHippo123 Says:

    I have played the infection game mode in mw2! This was when everything got hack and people with jailbroken ps3′s could host private games with modes in. Infinity Ward stole this idea off someone who made it as a mode for mw2!

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