Modern Warfare: Frozen Crossing Pt. 2


Modern Warfare: Frozen Crossing Pt. 2

Mon, Oct 10, 2011

Modern Warfare 3

Making of: Missed Part 1? See it here: SOUND DESIGN BEHIND THE SCENES: Download the soundtrack on iTunes: Full credits: Finally – part 2 is here! Hopefully we delivered this in a reasonable amount of time. Thanks to people graciously helping us for the sake of making a fun action movie, we managed to do all of this for a total of just over 0. A little pricier than the first, but totally worth it. Also if you’re a super nerd, see if you can find when Spectre gets an achievement. We are not authorized, nor affiliated in any way with Activision or Infinity Ward. Just dudes with computers as usual! And if you want a Part 3, let us know in the comments below! Also, Spectre is equipping OMA on this, hence the weapon switching. DIRECTED BY Niko Pueringer & Sam Gorski PRODUCED BY James Sicignano, Robert Setari, Robert Hooven ASSOCIATE PRODUCER Hilary Glaholt MADE POSSIBLE BY Think Big Productions CAMERA EQUIPMENT AND GEAR Invision Productions, Shane Valdes AIRSOFT EQUIPMENT AND TACTICAL GEAR Freddie Mac and Alan Hu SPECTRE/MARCO Daz Crawford ANJA Lisa Catara DUST Robert Hooven LIAM Robert Setari HQ Heldine Aguiluz DIMITRI (AKIMBO THUG) David Mutchler WAREHOUSE THUGS Neil Sandilands, Freeman White III, James Sicignano, Mark Ritchie GLA MILITIAMEN Kevin McMahon, Freddie Mack, Aaron Yohe-Mellor, Jake Watson EDITING / VISUAL EFFECTS / COLOR BY Corridor Digital (our company!) SOUND DESIGN BY Freddie


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  1. huey9056 Says:

    913 peoples are GLA.

  2. myronez Says:

    @ThorAXE064 it’s a scar-L

  3. sSector5 Says:

    913 people are fags

  4. chavo2k7 Says:

    Why specter instead of ghost?

  5. TheMightyHotDog Says:

    @TheAdamDaly that would be a scar it says it on the side of it

  6. hawgPro007 Says:

    that blue shirt man s funny

  7. ThorAXE064 Says:

    @TheAdamDaly that actually is a Scar H… you could tell by the stock, its much larger than an ACR’s

  8. 1DaNard Says:

    thumbs up if that girl gave you half chub

  9. dragonmonster914 Says:

    This is a movie!!!

  10. CDdisk4life Says:

    @155Miguel, those aren’t camera reflection, that was his gun reflection

  11. TheAdamDaly Says:

    Mediumman5677: that Is an ACR

  12. mediumman5677 Says:

    I have that SCAR-H!

  13. 117foxter Says:

    Did any one else here the xbox achievement sound at 6:08 when he got hit in the head with a flash bang lol. Grate video. Where did you get ghost’s mask?

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