Modern Warfare-How do I survive the helicopter attack overhead for the online ps3 game?


Modern Warfare-How do I survive the helicopter attack overhead for the online ps3 game?

Sun, Feb 14, 2010

Call of Duty 4

When playing Modern Warfare 2 there is an online option where you can play with anyone all over the country. During missions there is a helicopter that flys over and kills most people. How do you survive or combat this?


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  1. blue22_1992 Says:

    I haven’t played PS3 version, but, depending on what map you are playing on, there is usually some form of cover (a building, shack, pipes, etc.) if you take cover(completely covered) underneath one of these structures, the heli won’t be able to hit you.

  2. OJ The Juice Man Says:

    You simply go inside. :P

    …or Shoot it down.

  3. Nova Says:

    Put on the Cold blooded pro perk. and if you wanna use something eles on the second perk, then your just gonna have to go for shelter

  4. cdude Says:

    Either 2 options, run inside or building to get cover, or 2 pull out your stinger class
    You should have 1 class with a stinger and here is what i have.

    Class Name : Plane Go Bye Bye
    Perks: Scavenger (In case you miss because of flares)
    Cold Blooded (just so you don’t show up as a red square on your opponents screen)
    *Anything* You want, Right now I’m using Last stand just because sometimes i die when trying to shoot the air support down, and sometimes when i die I’m still able to kill them in last stand =)
    Primary: Anything but i just go with some rifle with a noob tube
    Secondary: Stinger (obviously)
    And the rest doesn’t really matter

    Hope this helps, and remember be a team player. Cause a lot of the times ppl cant be skrwed to shoot the air support and the other team just gets tons of kills

  5. Ryan Says:

    you need to get under some type of cover such as a roof of a building, and the best way to combat one of these helicopters is to use a rocket launcher

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