Modern Warfare or Black ops?


Modern Warfare or Black ops?

Thu, May 1, 2014

Modern Warfare 3

Question by : Modern Warfare or Black ops?
I heard Modern Warfare series is better than black ops, in my opinion I think black ops has a better campaign and it also has zombies. Modern Warfare has a great multiplayer. I’d choose black ops but I want to know what you think.

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Answer by Fawkes
Both are really good games, but they both also have their downsides. Modern warfare is based in modern times, and has a a nice storyline to it’s singleplayer, plus it’s multiplayer surpasses black ops’ by alot. I find it that the multiplayer gets really reptitive in both games however.
modern warfare has a really nice coop game mode called “spec ops” that lets you play with a friend, be it split screen or online coop. But the coop also suffers from repetitiveness.

Black ops has an AMAZING zombies mode, some games can last 10 min. and others can last more than 7 hours. From personal experience i was playing a zombies game with me and 3 other friends on black ops, we had gotten to round 76 and the game had lasted 11 hours. The multiplayer however is not quite as good as the multiplayer from Modern Warfare. It suffers from chompy gameplay and bad audio.

The Verdict

Modern Warfare- Nice storyline, great multiplayer and coop, suffers from repetiveness.

Black Ops-Okay storyline, Has an amazing and addicting zombies mode, not so great multiplayer.

My opinion, I would get black ops. It might not have that much of a good multiplayer as MW but it’s zombies mode make up for it.

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  1. Andre Says:

    Battlefield 3 because it is actually a good quality game compared to any call of duty

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