Sun, Nov 13, 2011

Modern Warfare 3

Question by Justcallmedick: Mw3?????????????????!?
Mw3 looks exactly like Mw2.
Why would someone buy this when they already own Mw2? I think IW is barely trying on this game. Are you going to buy this?

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Answer by Pichu
well Mw3 has new guns, features, modes, maps, perks, and equipments.

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  1. Aeres Says:

    A name is a powerful thing. The Call of Duty franchise sells millions of copies just because of the popularity surrounding the name. Unfortunately, that doesn’t encourage quality and unique gameplay when it’s more profitable to churn out a clone of the same game every year or two. Sucks, but such is business.

  2. Michael Says:

    ya im not getting MW2.5 im getting BF3 but i prefer zombies and combat training over the new spec ops mode any day

  3. RecliningWhale Says:

    It looks the same because InfinityWard is using the same engine, the game is nothing like MW2 gameplay wise though. I went to CoDXP and have to say that the game is much more balanced than MW2 and has some very interesting gameplay elements. One of the reasons why MW3 looks like MW2 is because butt-hurt fans were saying that they wanted MW2 back, so IW decided “hey, lets give the fans what they want” and so MW3 was born.

  4. Vivian Says:

    Check out this video:

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