Tue, Nov 22, 2011

Modern Warfare 3


Question by Daniel: MW3??????????????????
Does anyone know how to get the title on mw3 with the whale on it??

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Answer by Jamille
easy….get BF3

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  1. Laurens. Says:

    I think you mean the “Stun Gun’ title. To get this title you have to kill one enemy while being stunned by a stun grenade.

    Greets, Laurens.

  2. Unicornofdeath6 Says:

    get to 65 1st presitge

  3. [kml]blasianp Says:

    If it’s the pink one that says something about stun? That’s easy. You basically just have to kill people so many times while you are stunned. It’s a challenge you have to complete. Hope this helped :)

  4. pin298 Says:

    yep here’s a link where all your answer

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