Tue, Nov 22, 2011

Modern Warfare 3

Question by Brenden: mw3?????????!!!!??????!!!!!!!?
How does soap die? How does yuri die? And I heard Price kills Makarov. Is this true?

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Answer by Sebastian
Makarov kills yuri, makarov gets choke and soap shot in the face

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  1. Lucus Marshall Says:

    Soap dies from falling. Yuri gets knocked off a building. And price kinda kills him. But play the game to find out

  2. Jake Says:

    Soap nearly gets killed in the beginning then gets shot again later on and when you try to run away to save him he bleeds out. Yuri dies on the last mission when you’re Captain Price a chopper shoots rockets at you when you’re chasing Makarov and the building nearly collapses and Yuri gets impaled by a steel support beam. After that you run after Makarov, jump on his chopper and throw out his pilot, stab him and throw him out then the chopper crashes and Makarov once again emerges from the crash then you, as Captain Price, beat the shit out of him and wrap your grappling hook around his neck and then smash him into one of the buildings roof windows and then you both fall through.. Price lands on the ground and Makarov dies from being hung by you wrapping the grapple around his neck and it getting caught.

  3. Ezio Says:

    soap falls from a building and injures himself. makarov shoots yuri and price chokes makarow with rope and at the end he is hanging from a ceiling.

  4. Zachary Says:

    you end up beating the shit out of makarov and you hang him…

  5. MandySweet87 Says:

    play the campaign…

  6. Andreas Says:

    Soap and Yuri are sitting in a building, scouting Makarov. Makarov knows theyr there and blows them apart, while escaping Yuri and Soap injures themselves. Yuri survives but Soap get’s very bad injures and must be carried to safety and then dies later on that mission. Price and Yuri then seeks out Makarov and they all fight to the death, and Yuri get’s injured while purshuing Makarov and tells Price to keep on following Makarov. After a Helicopter crash and some bare-handed fights, Makarov is facing Price with a gun and is about to shoot, when Yuri sprays a P99 into Makarovs face, but Makarov just turns around and shoots Yuri. In the meantime, Price crawls towards Makarov, get’s up and charges him. Then when he is fighting Makarov, he takes a cable and twists it around Makarovs neck, and then he breaks the glass underneath them so Makarov gets hanget and Price can have his cigar, alone.

  7. DanTheMan Says:

    The acquired intelligence from Team Metal leads Price, Soap, and Yuri to Makarov’s location in Prague during the events of Eye of the Storm and Blood Brothers. With aid from Kamarov, Price, Soap, and Yuri use the distraction of the local resistance to their advantage to reach their assigned spots at the Hotel Lustig. Price would infiltrate the Hotel Lustig while Soap and Yuri provide cover with their sniper rifles. However, Makarov caught wind of the assassination attempt and detonates the bombs planted on Kamarov and the church Soap and Yuri were occupying in. Soap pushes Yuri out the window to save him, but gets caught in the blast radius, accompanied by suffering from a long fall. Before the detonation, Soap briefly learns of Yuri’s then unknown acquaintance with Makarov.
    Price and Yuri desperately rush Soap to a nearby resistance safehouse, where Soap relays the recent revelation to Price before dying. Price stands still for a moment, then places his M1911 on Soap’s chest and takes the field manual, that was included in the hardened edition of Modern Warfare 3, from one of Soap’s pouches. Soap’s death fuels Price’s vengeance against Makarov, even after the end of the conflict between the United States and Russia. Soap’s name, John MacTavish, was later inscribed on the Hereford clocktower honoring fallen S.A.S. veterans.

    That was soaps death

    Yuri gives Price the location of a potential headquarters located in a fortress in Prague. However, during their infiltration, they instead find intelligence that Makarov’s men found Boris Vorshevsky’s daughter in Berlin. The pair relay the intelligence to Team Metal shortly after the base’s destruction. Despite Team Metal’s efforts, the daughter was kidnapped and tracked to a diamond mine in Siberia during Down the Rabbit Hole. At this point, Price and Yuri conduct a joint operation with Team Metal in saving the Vorshevskys. They are successful in the extraction, but Team Metal perishes in the process from the collapsing of a mine, facilitating a wounded Yuri’s extraction. Despite this, Yuri and Price’s efforts have ensured peace talks between the United States and Russia.
    Despite the end of the war, Yuri accompanies Price in the Arabian Peninsula after having successfully tracked down Makarov in the Hotel Oasis. Yuri gets wounded by a piece of rebar when an airstrike obliterates part of the hotel, telling Price to continue the mission without him. Yuri manages to free himself and is barely lucky in saving Price from Makarov’s execution. However, Yuri is shot repeatedly in the chest and head by his former friend, buying Price much needed time to kill Makarov.

    That was Yuri’s death

    With the war over, Makarov went into hiding in the Arabian Penninsula at the Hotel Oasis. In January, Price and Yuri assault the hotel intent on killing him. Price catches up with Makarov, preventing his escape by a helicopter by killing the pilots. As the chopper crashes in the ensuing chaos, Makarov beats Price to his Desert Eagle and nearly kills him. He is then shot by Yuri, who in turn is killed by him. This buys Price enough time to beat Makarov down, wrap a cord around his neck and force him through the glass roof, shredding and hanging him at the same time.

    That was Makarov’s death

    Hope this helps a lot :D

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