Tue, Jan 3, 2012

Modern Warfare 3

Question by : mw3???????????????????????????????????????????????????????
i dont play that often so i havent prestiged 1ce at all so i wanna prestige already any tips?? and anybody wanna play?

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Answer by Joe
Use Hardline with specialist strike package on kill confirmed

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  1. Lal_4598 Says:

    Get a good assault rifle (ACR or Type 95) put a silencer on it use hardline or assassin with the predator missle, attack helicopter, then either (reaper, ah6, assault drone *small maps*, AC130 or Pave low) and play domination. That us a good way to rack up 30 kills and 5 deaths every 3 games……..(Bline Eye as well)

    Or get the PP90M1 (whatever it is called), use rapid fire and extended mags, use sleight of hand, quick draw and STEADY AIM…hip fire is way to accurate that way..and fast…use the support package and just use UAV and Counter UAV. So after 4 kills (UAV) then another for (Counter) then 4 kills later another UAV and that way I have gotten like 6 UAV’s and counters……


    Do the same thing and use blast shield on the new mode DROP ZONE you can get so many points just by sitting on the zone for 30 seconds…..

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