MW3: 60 Gunstreak MOAB Vs. A Clan + How To Be Good At COD!


MW3: 60 Gunstreak MOAB Vs. A Clan + How To Be Good At COD!

Thu, May 1, 2014

Modern Warfare 3

MW3: 60 Gunstreak MOAB Vs. A Clan + How To Be Good At COD! Follow-
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  1. Ofir Alimi Says:

    you got your 1000

  2. jon wayne Says:

    I got a 96 killstreak with a pistol…but didn’t record it.. but its on my
    profile tag info….ahuh cheah

  3. Saad Omran Says:

    What sensitivity do u play at? 

  4. scar Jr Says:

    i suck at call o duty :( even my younger brother is better than me which
    makes me mad

  5. Taurean Cain Says:

    First of all I have ADHD And I have over 100 moabs my highest gun streak is
    72 and I trick shot to don’t make fun of ADHD

  6. Nick Jude Says:

    thx bro for the tips i got my first triple moab

  7. zyre playingwow Says:

    i wanna have my cocki

  8. BeastCodGamer0674 Says:

    I’m 11 years old and I’ve have quite a few M.O.A.B s and long gunstreaks

  9. TheRocksta4r Says:

    im goona add u because u added me on my 3rd main acc

  10. Avery Benjamin Says:

    Hey goblin is domination your favorite game type?

  11. zack rotblatt Says:

    Thank you so much for your advise!! I used to use 3 sensitivity and I
    sucked! Now I use 6 and believe me, Im doing so much better. Im dropping
    40+ every game. Before I was dropping 15+ most games. Thanks for the help
    and please like this comment if this is true to you also.

  12. 28Jaywolf Says:

    Jnasty and greengoblin are both great players but comparing them they are
    totally different. Jnasty gets his MOABs faster than goblin. I love goblin
    too but Jnasty is much faster. 

  13. xANTHONY7357x Says:

    I still think this is the best call of duty because of map size and weapon

  14. Bnz daTruth Says:

    and in a dark area and the guy still spots me and gets lucky and puts the
    cross right where imma about to walk and snipes me BS would’ve had but
    eh…i was gettin nice though with sprayin

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