MW3 – Camper Justice! – Episode 19 by KYR SP33DY


MW3 – Camper Justice! – Episode 19 by KYR SP33DY

Thu, May 1, 2014

Modern Warfare 3

MW3 – Camper Justice! – Episode 19 by KYR SP33DY Let’s try to reach 17 likes! Can we do it? Special thanks to Jahova for doing Camper Vision: http://www.yout…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. Agent 47 Says:

    you should bring this back and do it in ghost

  2. michael sherwood Says:

    you had me cracking up when you said next week on the nature channel we
    f*** a cow

  3. Allah YT Says:

    you should do this again on ghosts

  4. luis palomo Says:

    Can you do a vid on your mw3 classes

  5. sights clan Says:

    Well he has obviously seen super noobs

  6. Jason Parker Says:

    Love the Metal Gear Solid Sounds!

  7. vampmanh Says:

    does this guy know that camping is harder than rush more than 50% of the

  8. Bon Xyrus Villar Says:

    you were using Ragnarok Online ost for your Nature show right??

  9. CodPROz9 Says:

    We F*** a cow

  10. predatorPvP Says:

    Yeah he mad

  11. gonzalezmichael52 Says:

    I have a large penis so I clicked “like” ;)

  12. lego1999bc Says:

    natures so fun when it comes to camping

  13. burrly56 Says:


  14. Foundation Art Says:

    is it just me or does sp33dy need a new outro?

  15. jerererere ererere Says:

    regarding the “shouldnt put threes in his name, thats my thing” did you
    make your gamer tag before or after m3rk mus1k?

  16. Ryan Walsh Says:

    Speedy is sooo cool

  17. Jake Lodde Says:

    went outside graphs were shit

  18. InspHCallahan Says:

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand you’re stupid.

  19. Crshngwhrlpool Says:

    I didn’t like this because I enjoyed.. ;) if ya know what I mean

  20. blaze larossa Says:

    Hey kyr speedy please please add me as your friend on black ops you are lol
    my name is flyingpigswoo ok

  21. Thomas Finneran Says:

    Best bit 1:10 nature channel so funny great vid

  22. KiduFailed Says:

    I think it was a joke..

  23. Marbles755 Says:


  24. Rehgardless Says:

    He does…

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