MW3 Controller – Unboxing – Review – Modern Warfare 3 – Modded Controller – Controller Chaos


MW3 Controller – Unboxing – Review – Modern Warfare 3 – Modded Controller – Controller Chaos

Tue, Nov 1, 2011

Modern Warfare 3 Customize your very own MW3 modded controller today. We offer tons of different mods for the Modern Warfare 3 controllers. Check out to make your very own today!

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  1. pikkisful Says:

    @Robertito1205 hell no!!

  2. Robertito1205 Says:

    Dude. The bullet thing looks terrible

  3. tmansupra Says:

    exactly how do people get the codes first? Wouldn’t you use it before you post the video?

  4. TheMinecraftwiiz Says:

    ha time 4:20 you pot head

  5. iSlayEskimos Says:


  6. snipercyclone52 Says:

    the controller with rapid fire but never mod a new cntroller that just looks awfally bad

  7. nemaretas Says:

    Modern Warfare 3 to win: goo.gliQBA4

  8. ciprodriguez Says:

    Can i get one only with a dedicated sprint button? I go through controllers because of the left stick wearing out because of the sprint.

  9. JURQUIAGA18 Says:

    MODzz 4 PUSSY with no skillz

  10. Knight40195 Says:

    @shutupandwatch69 Not at all mate. When I first opened my BF3 case, the first thing I did was take a nice big wiff xD

  11. Colserra99 Says:

    freakin hacker bitch he should shut him self and i know for a fact he already used the code before he should us

  12. milliosecond Says:

    can i get drop shot,fast reload,and jitter all together and you guys should lower the prices when theres holladays or something because damn expensiveness :D

  13. xblade2122 Says:

    no because i do da same

  14. shutupandwatch69 Says:

    everytime i open something out the package like that , i have the urge to smell it. does that make me weird?

  15. WyldeHD Says:

    I’m just going to point out that Infinity Ward has tried to do everything to stop Rapid Fire mod controllers. There isn’t even a semi-automatic assault rifle. If you also get reported for modding and get caught you get banned. So good idea making this controller.

  16. wolfy2by4 Says:

    packaging’s pretty cool…
    pretty standard packaging…
    the packagings pretty normal.

  17. EpicGaming115 Says:

    I dont use mods because they are for beginners I guess lol, but good job on the controller with my MW3 controller I switched the thumb sticks from it with a normal controller and also switched the rumble packs because with the MW3 controller you can barely feel the rumble

  18. codglitchseeker Says:

    do u guys sponsor clans

  19. ibDrunkDuck Says:


  20. thcoolwhiteboy Says:


  21. CrownFLA239 Says:


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