MW3 Funny Moments! (Gangnam Style, Arguments, Fails and More!)


MW3 Funny Moments! (Gangnam Style, Arguments, Fails and More!)

Thu, May 1, 2014

Modern Warfare 3

Funny MW3 Moments – Gangnam Style, Arguments, Fails and More! Like the video if you enjoyed. Thanks for watching! Today’s other video:…
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  1. Cajun Nabor Says:

    3:13 I laughed ,so hard lolololololololololololololololololol

  2. Andrew Waterson Says:

    Whats the first map called and is it free

  3. Andrew Waterson Says:

    Whats da map that u played gangam style on 

  4. Lifty4ever Says:

    Actually the recon drone guy coulda ended his recon drone early by holding
    square or whatever button that is on xbox

  5. Dylan Collins Says:

    I met that blackarednikes online on mw3 he though he was famous and started
    to make fun of me what a nouuub! lawl

  6. Tyrone Rivers Says:


  7. Zachery Belcher Says:

    Nah, I just felt like saying that to Osama.

  8. MrThijs520 Says:

    plz watch my vid thanks for your time /watch?v=SUEfxFGKmVk

  9. solidleon Says:


  10. TehMonnster Says:

    Hello everyone, i know that a lot of you hate when people spam, but to be
    truthful its the only way trafic will get to my channel. So here is my
    pitch. I do COD Videos, as of now i only do commentarys, but in the future
    i will be doing some montages and some funtages, when will this be? not
    sure i am actually geting use to editing, right now i have 15 subs, and it
    would be awesome if some of you could help me out.

  11. David Bell Says:

    Tits or gtfo

  12. Joshua Beams Says:


  13. ThePotlood176 Says:

    speedy is so awesome


    He knows who you are, what you do (troll), and still wants it on youtube
    after he sounded like a bee masturbating with a vibrator? Smh, lol

  15. TheNice20012 Says:

    spelled small wrong

  16. dfasdfdsdfdfsasf Says:

    All of the Juan’s made me cum

  17. Knee Grow Says:

    check me out, im NOT a gamer girl

  18. BlueDerpinYoshi Says:

    I would make a 911 but thats just plane wrong

  19. Devin Toland Says:

    last night i was playing search and killed nikez three times then he rage
    quit lol. he uses sit rep so hes a random anyways

  20. UhWells Says:

    Haha that mike kid is a faggot XD

  21. trolling duck Says:

    2:16 I’m a banana me:I’m an apple

  22. pissi12345 Says:

    what was the 1map?

  23. JVegerot Says:

    I just played against him and smacked him. He still talks shit. Sit rep and
    still shit on.

  24. Hollers444 Says:

    Str8 mario’s back

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