MW3 GAMEPLAY – Arkade SnD AS50 quickscope – Spas-12 – MODERN WARFARE 3


MW3 GAMEPLAY – Arkade SnD AS50 quickscope – Spas-12 – MODERN WARFARE 3

Wed, Oct 19, 2011

Modern Warfare 3

Capped during the codxp event in LA. Its me tejbz that is playing Thanks for watching.

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  1. THeKanG423 Says:

    it seems that it tells you when theres one guy left kool

  2. trevorisdabomb227 Says:

    @MrsOneEyeWonder lmao no my parents wont buy me shit dumbfuck

  3. InfectedInHD Says:

    mw2??? i remember this map, its called terminal!! and the wa2000 and spas-12!!!

  4. JinseoWHAT Says:

    shot gun looks like its from hl2

  5. ThatFunnyChannel Says:

    spas-12 is back!!!!

  6. arisaris100 Says:

    @patriotrower They added Team Deathmatch. Fixed the problems from BFBC2 such as destroying M com Stations with explosives. The adding of Jets. Dedicated Servers ive NEVER had a host migration in BF. Server Browser for Consoles. tatical destruction alowing you to destroy a wall parts of the wall fall down and kill someone. Rebalanig of Medic and Asualt class. All i see is MW2.5. What they changed is all they shouldve through pathces on MW2. But play whatver makes you happpy.

  7. patriotrower Says:

    @FirstBlood18 All DICE toughts is BF3′s engine. MW3 may look the same, but there is plenty new gameplay changes. You’re not buying an engine, you’re buying a game which should have some new gameplay elements in it. I don’t see any new gameplay elements in BF3. Where are they?

  8. airsoftsk8ter360 Says:

    wtf? the real steel as50 is full auto

  9. skateboardlinus Says:

    Tejbz ︻デ═一 Your Mom :D

  10. sumopimp94 Says:

    @redwingz1998 dude, please read my last comment SLOWLY again.

  11. coatesin Says:

    That was so legit! EDITMYPLAYERCARD.CO.CC taught me how to make a bunch of sweet emblems for my guns!

  12. dewittums Says:

    I really went to EDITMYPLAYERCARD.CO.CC and it is a good place to find playercard logos!

  13. Hav0clink408 Says:

    check out my videos! message me to trade subs

  14. redwingz1998 Says:

    @sumopimp94 its already been comfirmed that they made qs in mw3

  15. sumopimp94 Says:

    @theguyinhischair i know that QS’ing is totally possible in MW3. But im just saying that in the title it sais “Quikscope” but in the video there is non! :)

  16. tannersanta Says:

    @peanutboy0921 I could, but I’d rather bitch about shit like MW3 on yt.

  17. peanutboy0921 Says:

    @tannersanta hey you could always kill yourself.

  18. tannersanta Says:

    @peanutboy0921 You’re right, it does suck that is why I wont be getting MW3, that shit would make my life even more miserable than it already is. Cheers!

  19. peanutboy0921 Says:

    @tannersanta you decide all your purchases on 1 minute videos of unreleased games? damn your life sucks.

  20. tannersanta Says:

    This is not Infinity ward material WTF happen?

    CoD4 MW = Pure Epicness
    MW2 = Awesome then clusterfuck
    MW3 = Disappoint.

    The MW series are on a clear downhill trend since MW2… sad.

    Good thing is I just save myself $60 bucks after watching this.

  21. AntonTeee Says:

    Some People Are Stupid Ov Course Its Going To Look Like Mw2 Becuase Thats The Gameplay We All Know And Love Black Ops Gameplay Was No Where Near Mw’s And Thats Why I Still Play Mw2 Up Until Now So Saying Get Bf3 Because This Is The Same As Mw2 Is Dumb

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