MW3 GAMEPLAY – Dome L118A Extended Mags – M4 MODERN WARFARE 3


MW3 GAMEPLAY – Dome L118A Extended Mags – M4 MODERN WARFARE 3

Mon, Oct 17, 2011

Modern Warfare 3

Captured during the Codxp event in LA! This is my final pure gameplay video from xp. Keep your eyes out for my videologs !
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  1. raider77nw Says:

    i think we all agree… black ops blows

  2. SONYElectronic Says:

    @sunnypuaar I never said black ops. I ment CoD and Halo sucks idk how people like it. It sucks a lot.

  3. MrBenfica47 Says:

    Fail semtex lol

  4. sunnypuaar Says:

    @SONYElectronic LOL idont play black ops i play halo

  5. MediaBombGames Says:

    Return it!!

  6. SONYElectronic Says:

    @swsk117 Actually yeah it has. Im not just talking about gamestop. It also won in E3 over MW3. Nobody is trolling right now besides those little idiot kids. Im getting both anyways. Are you on PSN?

  7. gatordontplayson Says:

    @FirstBlood18 Not in my opinion. I had the beta and I played it everyday it was up and I hated it.

  8. mrchips9oh5 Says:

    Anybody else notice there is no recoil for any of the sniper rifles in MW3?? -_-

    Making quick scopers more of pain to deal with in game.


    @swsk117 Still costs money

  10. d34thd34l3rx Says:

    @domination281 you sir, must be one of the biggest idiots on this planet, to believe that modern warfare has more dynamic maps for multiplayer compared to bf3 lol…i couldn’t help but burst out laughing

  11. 17xDillz1997 Says:

    im gona miss you intervention.all you’ve done for me

  12. bubbagumperson Says:

    @Goofballhero yea i know just compare it to anyother game theres a ton of new game modes the graphic are probly actually good you just cant see them on a youtube vid thats only 480p

  13. kurkku96 Says:

    @ProjectObjective Why the hell did you watch the video if you dont like it? And real army is for though guys right? I think slaughtering in real life isnt same thing as in video games… Dont troll jist to get top comment

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