MW3 GAMEPLAY – Undeground – Quickscoping w/ Barett – MODERN WARFARE 3


MW3 GAMEPLAY – Undeground – Quickscoping w/ Barett – MODERN WARFARE 3

Wed, Oct 12, 2011

Modern Warfare 3

Capped during the codxp event in LA. Its me tejbz that is playing Thanks for watching.
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  1. halojayjayjay Says:

    @joemama1531 wow u can count well done now actually do something wiv ur life rather thn jacking over the fact ur a troll!

  2. FuckBillORiley Says:

    WOW, I didn’t know they were re-releasing MW2..

  3. TheRealiFFiCiENT Says:

    is it just me or what? i pre ordered this and now i want that $5 back.

  4. zomgitzakitteh Says:

    pretty much settles that. i dont care what reason it was, if i didnt get that kill i would have thrown my xbox

  5. joemama1531 Says:

    @halojayjayjay wow language who taught you that word your dad and time for the breaking news your are being trolled you are my 98th victim and you are feeding my troll meter thanks for being an easy target XD

  6. Ps3Vudger Says:

    @shadowrob05 wrong video. nuff said

  7. turromarco Says:

    @tevbuff i prefer black ops sniping system, more realistic

  8. shadowrob05 Says:

    BATTLEFIELD 3. nuff said…

  9. nikelas505 Says:

    is it possible to do trickhots like MW 2???

  10. yaboyyates Says:

    0:30 EPIC FAIL

  11. shitlinski Says:

    @kalle2478 then why are you looking at mw3 ?

  12. kalle2478 Says:

    bf3 looks better in every way

  13. ermaslv44 Says:

    and the pm9

  14. ermaslv44 Says:

    make a video with the fad, please

  15. NEC234 Says:

    @RockOrBluesInNorway yes

  16. xFATALxGAMERx Says:

    if you want to see so epic mw2 gameplay and some funny commentary take a look my channel

  17. KingofDaJewZz Says:

    @dumboclown69 say whaat? /watch?v=0uZpHFeq7MY&feature=channel_video_title

  18. iDannyOps Says:

    looks good, but the guns looks better at mw2

  19. RockOrBluesInNorway Says:

    so if range is a perk, does that mean you can have 4 perks? that’s cool

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