MW3 Info: Leveling Up and Prestige (Modern Warfare 3)


MW3 Info: Leveling Up and Prestige (Modern Warfare 3)

Tue, Nov 1, 2011

Modern Warfare 3 All information in this video has been taken from Robert Bowling’s twitter ( He is the community strategist for Infinity Ward and the CoD franchise. Twitter: Facebook: TmarTn Let’s Plays: 10% off KontrolFreek…

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  1. vutnast Says:

    Check out: goo.gliQBA4 and win new Modern Warfare 3.

  2. PhioenixPinion Says:

    @Scarykid38 You cant camp in BF….

    *cough* Destructibles *cough*

    Hasnt Crysis taught you nothing.

  3. Scarykid38 Says:

    @PhioenixPinion actually in BF most people camp and the action is way to slow. I like BF and i will most likely get bf3, but im going to have to say the COD community is alot more coopertive and most people work as a team

  4. xXarz15Xx Says:


  5. NOOBGUY675 Says:

    My girlfriend said BF3 was better… Now shes single.

  6. presipition Says:

    @PhioenixPinion personaly i think halo/bungie has the best community ever they actually do care

  7. RazOrBlade5900 Says:

    @kruse001 mw3 community = bullshit…

  8. PhioenixPinion Says:

    @kruse001 The fuck you talking about, BF3 has the best community I have ever seen! In that game, people actually make somewhat of attempt to streagic and use there surroundings as a advantages, awhile in black ops, its the complete fucking oppisiote.

    Just sayin. Problem?

  9. charlieag1126 Says:

    @DeMoN5377 UR A FUKIN NOOB

  10. xDoolvlx Says:

    @mrroboali stop replying! are u fucking dumb kid u replied to me first saying some irrelevant bullshit then u try to say im bothering you? if u reply again u obviously get off to arguements on youtube ur fucking pathetic go away freak

  11. TehJrokk Says:

    @kruse001 are you kidding
    mw3 comunity: OMG B3ST GAEM EVRZ

  12. DeMoN5377 Says:

    what thas Boosting mean?

  13. valentino7804 Says:

    @allahwhoackbar Dont worry man there is going to be file share and theatre mode bakk in… Tmart actually has a video of him talkin about it :)

  14. homestarbutt Says:

    The weekly and Daily challenges sound like Halo Reach

  15. Rednanami98 Says:

    Get your MW3 key now !

  16. mrroboali Says:

    @xDoolvlx kill yourself well that’s not immature at all lol any way if you message me again oh wait you cant because it makes you happy when you get mail F OF

  17. kruse001 Says:

    BF3 = ok
    BF3 community = ok
    MW3 = good
    MW3 community = (someone please fill this in for me)

  18. xDoolvlx Says:

    @mrroboali haha nice job calling me the same thing i called you dumbass! are u that immature that u still repeat things after they are addressed to u? u replied to me in the first place so uhhh get the fuck out? and whho said anything about halo. oh yeah u when u came out of nowhere and had a retard spasm. kill youself

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